Best Dishes To Try In Goa India

By Niyati Shinde on Feb 22, 2016
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Having a vast treasure trove of culinary delicacies, Goan cuisine is a treat to the palate. With a predominant influence of Portuguese style of cooking, the food in Goa is a heady amalgamation of traditional Konkani food items along with a tinge of influence from Hindu and Islamic methods of cooking. Now-a-days, modern appliances have almost taken over the traditional way of cooking in clay pots places on firewood. However, adding earthy flavours to the food, this style of cooking still lingers on in the rural parts of the state.

Have you had enough of the ‘Goan food’ available at the beach shacks? Step off the beaten path and taste these authentic Goan dishes instead, a must try if you are a first time visitor to Goa

Goan Fish Curry and Rice:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Fish Curry with rice is the staple food of Goa. A tangy preparation, the curry is made using tamarind, grated coconut, chillies and turmeric. Tasting best when mackerel fish is used, the curry is generally devoured with white steamed rice. 

Best place to have Goan fish curry and rice in Goa are Dhananjay Fish curry in Baga, Anandashram in Panaji and many more, you may find.

Fish Recheado:

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Recheado is a masala made using spicy hot red chillies, ginger, garlic, malt vinegar and a few other spices. This masala is then stuffed into cut cross sections of the fish which is then shallow fried. It is a crime to visit Goa and not taste this delicacy!

Goan Prawn Curry:

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Let your taste buds indulge in the crunchy, juicy and sinful flavours of the Goan prawn curry. Fresh prawns cooked in coconut milk forms the crux of this Goan delicacy. 

Some of the best places to have Goan prawn curry are Viva Panjim, Lazy Dog, Gopal's

Chicken Cafreal:

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Having a Portuguese name, Chicken Cafreal is an extremely spicy preparation made using coriander, green chillies, mint leaves, cinnamon and some Portuguese spices. The method of cooking differs- some cook it in rum and vinegar while some prefer cooking it in tamarind juice. Bottom line- it is delicious as heaven! 

Best place to have chicken cafreal in goa is Florentine Bar & Restaurant

Chicken Xacuti:

Image Source: Ramakrishna Reddy Y/

Xacuti (chacuti in Portuguese) is a Goan curry made using ingredients such as poppy seeds, coconut and Kashmiri chillies. Pronounced as ‘shakuti’, if you are not a fan of chicken, you should try the mushroom xacuti. It is definitely out of this world. 

One of the best place to have Chicken Xacuti is Mum’s Kitchen.

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Layered to perfection, this Goan dessert is prepared using plain flour, coconut, jaggery (sometimes replaced with sugar), eggs, milk and butter. A popular sweet dish in the state, Bebinca is best had with plain vanilla ice cream. Available in food stores across Goa.

Pork Vindaloo:

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Having a distinctive flavour, hogging on this spicy Goan speciality will probably be the highlight of your Goa trip! No, we are not exaggerating! Made up of vinegar, ginger, cumin and garlic, ‘Vin’ in the name stands for vinegar and ‘aloo’ means ginger.

Some of the best places to have Pork Vindaloo are House of Lloyd’s, Candolim, Bhatti Village, Nerul.

Crab Xec Xec:

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Best had with steamed rice or bread, Crab Xec Xec is a curry prepared from roasted spices, grated coconut, chillies and coriander. A delicious way to cook a crab and consume it!

Some of the best places to have Crab Xec Xec are DoubleTree by Hilton in Baga, The Upper House, Panjim.

Pork Sorpotel (Sarapatel):

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A dish from Alentejo, Portugal, Pork Sorpotel is generally prepared during Christmas. Made up of many ingredients, the word ‘sarapatel’ means confusion, probably referring to the amalgamation of various components including pork liver, heart, kidneys, tongue and sometimes, even blood! 

Some of the best places to have Pork Sorpotel are Mango Grove, Candolim and Bhatti Village, Nerul.

Goan Sausages:

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A pickle of sorts, Goan sausages are generally served with rice or bread. This mouth-watering pork sausage is sun-dried, smoked and then spiced with ginger, garlic, vinegar, red chillies and few other spices.


Similar to idlis, sannas are spongy steamed rice cakes that are best had with chicken or pork curries or sambhar. A sweet version of the same, which is made using jaggery, is called godachi sanna


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A popular Goan sweet, Dodol is generally prepared during Christmas festivities. It is made using ragi (can be made using rice flour as well), jaggery and plenty of coconut milk. Dodol is not just limited to Goa though, it is prepared in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and even Singapore. Best place to have dodol is Panaji's family-run Confeitaria 31 De Janeiro.

Ready to go on a culinary tour of Goa? Hope you enjoy these authentic Goan dishes & Must try these lesser known restaurants in Goa.

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