What To Know When Booking Ferries Through Bookaway

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If you’re planning on visiting multiple cities or islands within one country, chances are you will need to book ferries, trains, or buses. Getting the right information on the best way to get to your destination is crucial, considering each mode of transport has its own rules, costs, pros and cons.

Bookaway is a platform for booking sea and ground transport. It aggregates all your options, giving you the chance to easily compare them and decide which is right for you. Then, you click through and enter your details and your booking is done.

Here’s what you need to know about the platform and how best to use it.

Skip the research

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Often, when you're planning a trip somewhere, you will research how to get there and only then look for tickets. When booking through Bookaway, you should skip the research step. Ultimately, Bookaway will do the research for you, bringing up the best options. You can compare far more easily whether you’d rather go by car, train, or bus, or which ferry route to take.

Once you have all the results up and have settled on a few options, you can do your own research if you want to find out more than the basics. Rather than trawling through masses of online content, you can keep your research to just a handful, saving you time and effort, and helping you make better decisions.

Decide on dates

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But while you can skip the research on which mode of transport is best, you are going to have to do the research about how long you want to be in each location. Do you want to spend more time in Mykonos than Santorini on your Greece trip? Are you more interested by Hvar than Split in Croatia?

When you’re searching for the best options of how to travel, you need to have a good idea of when you're going to be traveling. Decide, at least tentatively, on which dates you want to move on from each place. Then, when you use Bookaway, you can find the information that best suits your itinerary.

Customer service is there for a reason

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If you are the kind of person who gets stressed about traveling and so will dally over making the actual booking until you are 300% certain of your dates, you may be better served by trusting customer service. Bookaway promises 24/7 assistance, and you can get refunded on any bookings that you need to cancel. So, even if you get your dates wrong, it is no disaster.

The same is true if something goes wrong on the day. Travel can be disorientating, especially if you’re in a new time zone, and it’s not impossible that you will miss your ride. Again, customer service is there to help you figure out how best to resolve the problem. They will help you book tickets at the last minute to get you where you need to be.

Ultimately, Bookaway is a very convenient way of researching the best modes of travel within a country or region, and seamlessly booking your tickets.