10 Must Visit Spots In Singapore To Soak Up Some Culture!

Singapore, the island that shares its city with people from different parts of the world. As of today, the city has welcomed over 5 million people into its city. English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil being the official languages of the country, Singapore has nationals from different parts of Asia settling in as citizens or Permanent Residents. With the tremendous development of the Singapore economy, Singapore is currently one of the most prominent and fast-growing economies of the world. Apart from the growth and population, Singapore also has many accolades to its name. Presenting here the answer to what to see in Singapore that will cover all things popular and unique as well:

1. An archipelago of 63


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Singapore, an island by landscape is not a single island. It is surrounded by as many as sixty three offshore islands including the central attraction island of Sentosa, which is the home to several rides and amusement park activities. Some of the famous islands other than Sentosa include Palau Ubin, St John’s Island, and Sisters’ Islands. 
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2. Man-made waterfalls


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Built in the year 1970, the Jurong Bird park holds the record for the first manmade waterfall. Singapore focuses primarily on preserving nature and has implemented several laws to preserve the natural beauty of the city. In its quest to conserve nature, they have also made history by creating several waterfalls. One of the waterfalls was recently built in the Cloud forest within Gardens by the Bay. With a new record of having the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 35 meters high, Gardens by the bay is a must visit tourist attraction in Singapore since its opening in 2012. 
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3. First F1 night race


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Annually held since 2008, Grand Prix Season Singapore is one of the most awaited events in the country. With a myriad of concerts, activities for Formula One fans and followers. One of the prominent attractions of the race has been the twisty street circuit located at Marina Bay. With over 20 corners, the race holds the record to be the world’s first ever Formula One event to have a night race. 

4. World’s greenest city


Image Source: Hamsa Mohan/Flickr  

A city filled with skyscrapers, Singapore is also known for its lush green landscape. About 700 sq.kms is green covered. Singapore is also home to over 2,000 native vascular plants. The country also recently opened a mall that is fully functioning without hindering or destroying nature with a single motto of being the ‘Green mall’ of the city. One of the significant reserves of Singapore, the Bucket time Nature Reserve contains more tree species than the total number of tree species in North America. 

5. Home to a UNESCO site


Image Source: edwin.11/Flickr  

In 2015, Singapore’s Botanic Gardens made history for being into existence for over 150 years - a century older than the modern day Singapore itself. The garden, created in 1859, includes thousands of orchid species and has been visited by several popular figures including Nelson Mandela, Jackie Chan, Zhou Zun.
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6. Lion of a tiger


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The name Singapore was given due the popular mythical creature Merlion. The name signifying the creature to be half lion and half fish. Singapore, implying lion city was given by the Sumatran prince who spotted a swift animal through the forest and admired it to be a lion. However, there was no record of lion native to Singapore. But, according to records, tigers were part of the wild Singapore thus bringing the question if the prince in fact spotted a tiger and not lion. 

7. World’s first night zoo


Image Source: South African Tourism/Flickr  

A prominent tourist attraction of Singapore since 1994, the Singapore Night Safari became famous for its one-of-a-kind trip into the jungle. A nocturnal experience that was newly introduced to the world, the safari was an instant hit among tourist and has been a must-visit destination ever since. Spread across a 35-hectare park, the park is the home for 2.500 nocturnal animals from over 130 different species. 
Apart from the history of the city, Singapore also holds several practices that are truly unique to the place. If you are visiting Singapore, knowing one or two of these might help your trip.

8. Choping


Image Source: huffingtonpost.in  

A tissue packet is common used for using the dry wipes from within. But in Singapore, the packet holds a dual purpose. Apart from the usual, a tissue packet is also used for ‘choping’ - a method to reserve tables in road-side restaurants. This practice has been long known to Singaporeans and it is a legit system of reserving seats, within Singapore at least. 

9. Bread ice-cream carts


Image Source: silverkris.com

In Singapore, waffles and ice cream stands are not a must hangout spot - bread ice-cream carts are. Singaporeans love their ice-cream wedged between two slices of breads and it is an instant cooling agent. On a hot day, grab yourself a rainbow hued ice cream with bread while walking the streets to truly experience Singapore. 

10. Hawker centers 


Image Source: wikimedia.commons

To truly experience Singapore and its cuisine, a visit to the local hawker centres tops the list. One of the cheapest food experience in the city, these centers are present across several parts of the city where people get a variety of authentic local cuisine from chicken rice to char kway teow. The deciding factor on these stalls is the cleanliness and it also is the uncompromisable one. 
A truly remarkable place created by the government of Singapore, this island is on the wish list of every traveller for its variety of tourist spots and culture. A rich economy with a strong government body, Singapore has come a long way since its independence. 
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