10 Things About Mumbai We Hate But Secretly Love

Mumbai is maximum city maximum chaos, maximum delight. If you let it, the city will seep into your skin and make you a part of its soul within no time. Mumbai is like no other city in the world. It is a mélange of the beautiful and the ugly, the superficial and the real and through this incredible marriage comes an experience that is intoxicating and spiritual in equal parts.

If you live in Mumbai, these are a few things that you might complain about but actually secretly love:

1. The Pitter Patter of Rain

Image Source: Marlon Dias/flickr.com

If you’ve been stuck in Mumbai rain, you know that it’s an utter annoyance. But don’t you just love the pitter patter from your window at home. With dreams of a garam chai and vada pav?

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2. The Crowded Railways

Image Source: M M/flickr.com

Yes, it’s a known fact that Mumbai railways are crowded and it’s a gargantuan task to board one in rush hours. But can you imagine the city functioning without them?

3. The Chaotic Ganesh Festival

Image Source: Youtube.com

The traffic jams and the road diversions. Not to forget, the incessant noise. The ten days of Ganesh Festival force you to alter your lifestyle and adjust your daily routine. But can you overlook the colors and the vibrancy of the city during this festival? A list of things to do in Mumbai is not complete if attending the Ganesh Visarjan procession is not on it!!

4. The Smell of Sea

Image Source; Pixabay.com

In Mumbai, something always smells fishy. But that’s the unique smell that you have come to recognize as home. It might not be the most pleasant smell but it’s familiar and oddly comforting.

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5. The Roadside Shops

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The pavements are full of them. Selling everything from antiques to underwear. Places like causeway and linking road can get crowded and messy sometimes but they’re so fun to wander around on!

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6. The Rash Taxis

Image Source: Honza Soukup/flickr.com

The taxis of Mumbai are a bittersweet characteristic. You can’t live with or without them. Their rash driving is quite a menace on the roads but they are saviors when you’re out looking for a way to get home late at night.

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7. The Old Buildings

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Some of the old buildings in Mumbai are simply too old to be surviving this long. They need immediate repairs and look like they are balancing on their toes. But there is no denying the gorgeous charm of these places.

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8. The Street Food


Image Source: Ashwin Kumar/flickr.com

Street food in Mumbai dons many hats. It can be as unhygienic as ever and it could give you an upset stomach in one bite. But boy is it tasty! And the variety it provides is sure mind boggling.

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9. The Small Space

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Mumbai living means coming to terms with small spaces and tiny homes. Little privacy and lots of traffic noise. But within these spaces, there thrives a bustling life and undying spirit that cannot be contained.

10. The Innumerable Diversity

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

There are all kinds of people in Mumbai. It’s a mixed bag of cultures that you sometimes find difficult to fathom and relate to. But the reality is, this diversity makes Mumbai the city it is. Colorful, exotic and highly lovable.

What do you love about Mumbai the most? Comment below and let us know!

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