15 Places To Visit In Europe In April 2018

April in Europe is full of hustle. It is the time of the year when the wintry days starts shedding their cold garbs and welcome the warmth of the new season. People who had been too adamant to leave their house before starts unpacking their bucket list before the rush of summer crowd kicks in. The fairly lazy mood in the air only adds more to its appeal as the continent known for its marvelous architecture, delectable cuisines,  and rich cultural roots tiptoes towards its florid bloom.

Known to be the shoulder season of the year, the spring makes a perfect time for backpacking as the crowd is less and accommodations becomes cheaper. For travelers who wish to get an up close experience of Europe, it becomes fitting time to explore all the aspects of this beautiful continent, from its stunning coastlines and dazzling sea shores to old museums, boulevards, and intriguing artistic venues. If you are still confused about traveling to Europe in spring then keep on reading. Here we bring you a list of places that will give you a sufficient insight for where to go in Europe in April which is not only great but befitting for a memorable traveling experience.

1. Cordoba, Spain


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Known for its rich cultural diversity and vast historical heritage, thanks to it being home to three different communities- Christian, Islamic, and Jewish, Cordoba is a place capable of enticing anyone who visits here. The city has once been a flourishing centre of Roman and Arab empire, fragments of which can be still seen in its whitewashed architecture and rustic surroundings. Among the many things that the city proudly boast of, one is the mighty Mezquita Cathedral, one of the oldest prominent structure of Islamic ancestry that is also listed as UNESCO’S World Heritage Site.

Since the April in Spain is a much livelier deal compared to other places in Europe, a spring visit to this place will be welcomed by its ancient buildings reflecting their Moorish roots, old graying streets, numerous festivals and a bunch of vibrant folks. An exciting place, Cordoba offers myriad opportunities for travelers, especially the ones inclined towards history and arts. From the old relics in the historical side of the city to the bustling crowd filled bars and restaurants in the north, Cordoba has everything that makes it one of the great places to visit in Europe in April.

What to see: Mezquita, Museo Arqueolutegico, Historic Centre of Cordoba, and Patios de Cuterdoba.

Travel Tip: Don’t forget to visit the beautiful gardens of Alcazar during your trip. The place is known for some of the most breathtaking view in springs.

2. Palma de Mallorca, Spain

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Spain is a great place to visit in spring and among all of them, one which particularly stands out to me is Palma de Mallorca. The city has a mystic way of enticing people. On one hand, it embodies the placidity and elegance of a reserved Spanish city, on the other hand, you can see it brimming with life and zest, that resonates perfectly with the spirit of its lively folks. Travelers visiting in spring can indulge themselves in its vast number of unique galleries and restaurants that beautifully rests alongside the rustic aristocratic buildings of the town, its elegantly built churches, and bustling city squares.

If you delve a little deeper, you will find numerous shops, bars and restaurants with their high-quality serving and delicious quintessential flavours that are known to be the best in the Island. And that’s not it, a little venture to the east will lead you to the Urban beach where you can spend some nice time soaking into its crystal clear water and treading the beautifully paved promenade behind it. The pride of Spain, Palma de Mallorca can easily be considered as one of the best spring getaways in Europe.

What to See: Palma Cathedral, Bellver Castle, Serra de Tramuntana, Royal Palace of La Almudaina, and Es Baluard.

Travel Tip: Buy a 'Palma Pass' for the sightseeing as the smart card allows you easy entrance into museums, public transport & many tourist attractions. Cards are available in a variety of choices and can be availed as per need.

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3. Tenerife, Canary Island in Spain

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If you have been in Europe and haven’t visited Tenerife yet, then my friend, you are surely missing something. While its coastal surrounding and subtle environment makes for a perfect destination to visit year around, the place is an absolute delight in springs. It is the largest among all the canary islands nestling the towering existence of volcano of Mount Teide, the most intriguing feature of the island. The place sees more than 10 million tourists every year, who come here to watch its beautiful forest walks, endearing and colorful festivals and brilliant pieces of architecture perfectly complementing its placate surrounding. Travelers looking for more can head a little north to the vibrant city of Santa Cruz to venture into the myriad shopping centres, museums, and art galleries, and that along with southern coast and its exciting nightlife makes up for everything you might be needed for an exciting European trip.

What to see: Teide, Loro Parque, Siam Park, Teide National Park, and Playa de Las Teresitas

Travel Tip: Take some warm clothes with you as the place can be little chilly even in spring. Renting a car will be the best option for the first time visitors.

4. Zadar, Croatia

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If I have to give you one reason why Zadar is a perfect place to make into your bucket list for Europe visit, I will tell you this- it has got great architecture perfectly reflecting its Roman origins, it has got an interesting attractions, from old historical monuments, archaeological sites, and museums to unique recent creations like sea organ and sun salutation, and more than that, it will fit your pocket perfectly. While the winters in Zadar can be cold and bleak, the springs are a different matter altogether. The warm days paves way for great excursion opportunities, from visiting ancient mosques to parks and the old tower blocks. And with the surrounding islands being in the vicinity of the place, no wonder it makes one of the best destinations to travel in April.

What to see: Church of St. Donatus, Zadar Cathedral, Oljak, and Muzej antičkog stakla

Travel Tip:
Rent one of the many apartments in the old town as they are cheaper than hotels. Visit Zadar to have a relaxing fun trip.

5. Naples, Italy

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Boasting of great archaeological riches, Naples of Italy is a stunner. Not only its is one of the oldest but one of the most artistic centres in Europe, inhabiting numerous architectural treasures, from striking castles to benign medieval churches. From every aspect, the place beholds an ambiance that perfectly compliments its fame. An integral part of the city’s culture is its cuisine. Borne from regions prosperous volcanic soils and backed by the years of assistance from native culinary experts, its one of a kind flavor is needed to be tasted at least once during your trip. The panoramic view surrounding the Naples just make it more desirable for visitors especially in spring when the cold weather lighten its wrath and bless the place with a mild amiable weather.

What to see: Naples National Archeological Museum, Cappella Sansevero, Mount Vesuvius, Teatro di San Carlo, and Castel dell'Ovo

Travel Tips: 
Renting a car will be a better option than hiring a taxi, just to avoid excessive expense. Also, don’t forget to keep your documents with you. There are a lot of pickpockets in Naples, hence it is better to stay on guard during visits.

6. Sicily, Italy

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Sicily, a land of beauty that rests splendidly amid the perfect setting of Mediterranean ocean and vast blue sky. Renowned for being the largest of all the islands, Sicily makes a happening destination to travel in Europe in April. Graced by many cultures since its dawn including Roman and Greeks, it can be rightly said that the island owed a lot to its previous inhabitants when it comes to architecture and relics. One of the greatest examples is the Temple of Concordia, known to be beautiful enough to rival the ancient quintessential architectural ruins of Greece. Then comes the surrounding and weather. Being a coastal area, the place sees an amiable weather throughout the year which only adds up to its diverse and vivid landscape. The beautiful amalgamation of sea, mountain, and volcano makes a perfect scenario for adventurous rendezvous. Hiking, mountain climbing, bird watching, swimming, and walking are some among the plethora of things that you get to do here. Be it the hustle of bountiful Palermo markets, the fascinating hue of the dawn or the historical references, this place will never cease to astound you.

What to see: Mount Etna, Valle Dei Templi, Ortygia, Stromboli, and Cappella Palatina.

Travel Tips: Sicilians are known to be very formal with new people but be an amiable visitor and you will get to witness their friendly side.

7. Podgorica, Montenegro

Image Source: Flickr/TonyBowden


The country of Montenegro has many gems, and one among them is the beautiful city of Podgorica. Sitting leisurely on the lush green terrains of land and nurtured by two splendid rivers of Ribnica and Moraca, Podgorica makes one of the best destinations to travel in April. In spring, the grass laden plains of the city begin to shed their snow and warm up to the changing weather, which just makes its already splendid surrounding even more endearing. Add it to the versatile nature of attractions its offers, from dazzling parks, ornate galleries to the fancy cafe and restaurants, and you now have everything needed for a nice exciting trip. Not to mention the ancient Ottoman style buildings sidelining the streets along with numerous shops and bars, which gives the place a happening phenomenal vibe.

What to see:
Millennium Bridge, Ribnica, Lake Skadar, National History Museum of Montenegro, and Cathedral of the resurrection of Christ.

Travel Tips: 
A little ten minutes drive from Podgorica will lead you to the splendid Niagara Falls which is at its finest in spring.

8. Dublin, Ireland

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Once an intriguing land of Vikings, which later became renowned as its foundation capital, Dublin has just as much of historical bits to add to its current contempo. Known as a living evidence of its dynamic past, this city of Dublin makes up for an excellent traveling space with its medieval style castles and rustic architecture, that probably dates back to the 18th century. A city known for its multicultural nerves, Dublin is a place to stop in for anyone who wishes to indulge in its array of galleries, museums and food choices. Another of its interesting aspects is its paradoxical nature. While being a city reflecting its roots through its sublime surroundings, the city equally embodies a dazzling nightlife with pubs being an intricate part of it. With over 1000 of them being there, finding a place to enjoy and relax in is the last thing you will be dealing with in this trip.

What to see: Kilmainham Gaol, National Museum of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Temple Bar and Phoenix Park.

Travel Tips:
It is better to purchase a return fare on the Airlift 747 bus for is reduced rate. In case you are more interested in traveling by yourself, renting a car or a bike will be a great option.

9. Halkidiki, Greece

Image Source: Pixabay.com

While April can be really cold in many places in Europe, Greece is definitely not one of them. Given its coastal climate and sublime weather that persists throughout the year, a spring vacation to this magical land of history, arts, and cultural wealth, will be no less of a treat for your explorer self. One among many beautiful cities in Greece, Halkidiki belongs to a popular lot. Renowned among folks for its trident like shape that strikes through the Aegean Sea, its lush greenery, stunning golden beaches, and bountiful ancient stories, Halkidiki can be a mesmerizing destination for all. On one hand lies the popular municipality of Kassandra, that with its splendid nightlife and cosmopolitan nature enthrall its visitors, on the other hand, you get to visit the little wonder of Sithonia, which with its calm waters and natural surrounding makes up for the perfect getaway trip. Not to forget the 1000-year-old Monastic community of Athos, that can be mapped through waters. While summer with its overtly crowded streets can be overwhelming, springs in Halkidiki becomes a quieter refuge for visitors.

What to see:
Archeological Museum of Polygyros, Petralona Cave, Folklore Museum of Athitos, Possidi, and Aristotle’s Park.

Travel Tips:
Don’t forget to try the souvlaki grill and waterfront dining for an amazing Halkidiki experience.

10. Meteora, Greece

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Perched high up on the smooth planes of Greek mountains, Meteora is truly a sight to behold. Literally translates as ‘in the heavens above’, the place got its name for being one of the highest and most beautiful monasteries in the world. Much to its fame is attributed to it beautifully crafted design be speaking of its ancient glory and serene ambiance that once been a place of solace for war tired monks. The monasteries of Meteora that had once been a place of refuge for the old populace now stands an impressive attraction for travelers, tread through step woven rocks. So next time when you will be wondering about where to go in Europe in April, do think about this place as a great option for your traveling expedition.

What to see: Monastery of Grand Meteoron, Monastery of Agios Stefanos, Monastery of Ayía Triáda, Monastery of ute;yios Nikute;laos Anapafsás, Kalambaka, and Kastraki.

Travel Tips: Stay at least 3-4 days here to explore it to the fullest and be prepared to walk a lot while you are at it.

11. Vilnius, Lithuania

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Renowned as the Jerusalem of Lithuania, thanks to its once vast majority of the Jewish population, the city of Vilnius has its own charisma and grace. Often cited as the ‘European capital of culture’,  the baroque beauty of this rustic city accommodates a great number of cathedrals and churches signifying its catholic roots. Among many of the amazing things it offers, the Old Town of Vilnius attracts tourists the most. A UNESCO world heritage site, this little neighborhood is filled with many archaic relics and antique wonders including cobbled pathways, unique workshops and amazing boutiques of Lithuanian style. If nothing, the high buildings skylining the blues of the city and the happening nightlife is enough to bring you here for a nice visit.

What to see: Gediminas Tower, Gate of Dawn, Church of St. Anne, Palace of Grand Dukes, and Museum of Genocide Victims.

Travel Tip: Don’t say thanks to you waiter when he comes to collect your bill if you want your change back. As per Lithuanian culture, saying ‘Thanks’ hypothetically translates to ‘Keep the Change’.

12. Monaco, France

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While making plans for your European trip, Monaco might not the be the first place that comes to your mind, given its notorious reputation as an indulgents’ hub. Regardless of all that, if explored wisely, this tiny spark of spectacle can be worth a million bucks, literally. Owning a large high-end casino complex, the city bustles with tourists every year who come here to play their luck while indulging in the beauty of its scenic harbors and lush atmosphere. Not to mention the Grand Prix Motor Race that graces its streets every year. From its old city of Monaco-Ville to port quarter of Condamine and Monte-Carlo, from expensive boutiques to amazing restaurants, the principality of Monaco comes with myriad options that will not only entertain you but enthrall you.

What to see: Oceanographic Museum, Prince’s Palace of Monaco, Monte Carlo Casino, French Riviera, and Opera de Monte Carlo.

Travel Tip:
Tipping is an intricate part of its etiquette culture and is expected from visitors. Tips of 1-2 Euros are deemed okay for Porters and Valets.

13. Warsaw, Poland

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Warsaw is a city of history. Having witnessed some of the most turbulent times of humankind, it embodies an essence that is both endearing and heart wrenching.

It was one of the last war post of World War II, part of which is still visible in renovated buildings. Encompassing so many stories within itself, many hidden, many revealed, it stands proud as a mighty survivor that has not only built itself anew but also adapted to the worldly ways of modern society providing it with its diverse blend of museums, music, restaurants, cuisine and entertainment. Come here to dine the finest flavours in the country, after which go for club hopping amid the numerous bars and clubs and treat yourself to a memorable experience.

What to see: Palace of Culture and Science, Lazienki Park, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Royal Castle, and Copernicus Science Center.

Travel Tip: Stay aware while buying antiques and not all of them are for export legally.

14. Copenhagen, Denmar

Image Source: Pixabay.com

If you ask me what is the most intriguing aspect of Copenhagen, I would undoubtedly say its ‘Vibrance’. Camouflaged in the good vibes of contentedness, the place full of enthusiasm, zest, and warmth, something that is needed to witness at least once during your European trip. In spring, the place burst into life with its colorful alleys encompassing vivid houses and bustling quaint restaurants. Looking at the place right now, it seems hard to comprehend that it got its roots way back in 10th century when it was established as a little Viking fishing village. Today, though, with its multitude of Danish-style buildings, splendid parks and beaches and a vast range of cuisines, a visit to Copenhagen is unlike anything you will ever experience.

What to see: Tivoli Gardens, The Little Mermaid, Nyhavn, National Museum of Denmark, and Rosenborg Castle.

Travel Tips: While there are many ways to explore the city, cycling is considered to be the best. It has well-paved lanes and friendly folks, that are enough to accompany you well.

15. Canterbury, UK

Image Source: Wikipedia

Considers to be southern England’s gem of a place, the little city of Canterbury is a charming destination to visit. In the centre of the place lies a Cathedral that has been reserved as UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered to be amongst the finest of European Cathedrals. Known for its scenic surrounding, the city offers a lot to its visitors, from a wide selection of bars and food joints to myriad of shops to stop by. And that’s not it, walk through its medieval streets and you get to see the archaic walls of rustic building speaking of its cultural and historical roots proudly. Decked with great atmosphere, this little place sees a lot of tourists throughout the year, specifically in Springs.

What to see: St. Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury Roman Museum, Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury Castle.

Travel Tips: Pre-book the hotel rooms prior to your visit. It will not only make things easier but save you a lot of time as well.

So here are 15 absolutely amazing places to visit in Europe in April that is not only great but budget friendly as well. So have your picks and prepare for a nice excursion in Europe.

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