Top 15 Places To Visit in Europe in May 2018

Expansive in nature, the continent of Europe with fairy-tale castles, cultural exuberance, and neoclassical architecture is a journey through history. Comprising of the world's finest places, a visit to Europe is on everyone's bucket list. But the question that constantly lingers in the mind is When to go? What if I say, May is one of the best months to visit Europe. Given the school holidays and the Spring climate in full bloom, it is the time of the year when Europe warms up and offers you its best.

To answer the question, where to go in Europe, we have a framed a list of top 15 places to visit in Europe in May for a soothing spring.

1. Berlin, Germany

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The capital of Germany, Berlin doesn't shy away from being in the limelight. Abundant with a rich history, the multicultural metropolis is a combination of glamor and grit. Explore the vibrant culture, relinquish the flavor of the fabulous cuisine, and soak in the enthralling history. Offering its visitors with classy and high-octane quirks, the energy in Berlin is astonishing and is one of the best holiday destinations in May.

What to see: Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, Berlin Wall
Travel Tip: As all attractions are close by, try exploring Berlin on foot, by bike or on a public transport.

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2. Bern, Switzerland

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Moving from one to capital to another, Bern is a captivating city in Switzerland set on top of the Peninsula of the curving Aare River. Tracing its origin back to the 12th century, the medieval air in Bern complete with fountains, historic towers, and sandstone facades is contagious. Wander through the picturesque postcard Old Town bestowed with a laid-back vibe, be mesmerized by the surrounding hills, and take part in the dynamic drinking scene.

What to see: Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern Historical Museum, Federal Palace of Switzerland, Aare
Travel Tip: Be sure to stock your bag with chocolates and do not miss out on the Jazz festival

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3. Sardinia, Italy

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Appealing to its visitors with its clear waters and snow-white sands, Sardinia is love at first sight. Breaking away from the noise and the stress of the mainland of Italy, the Island of Sardinia is one of the hidden gems of Italy. Spend time in the dazzling beaches, taste the most memorable cuisine of the Southern Europe, and go diving into the achingly beautiful waters. Sardinia is a burst of colors and is wildly distinct from its counterparts.

What to see: Costa Smeralda, Neptune's Grotto, Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park, Giants' grave
Travel Tip: Carry your flip-flops and swimwear, there are lots to do in Sardinia!

4. Milan, Italy

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Strikingly elegant and sophisticated in all means, Milan is the Cinderella of the cities. Occupying the prime spot of the city is the treasure of Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano) that characterizes the tone of the city. Embracing the medieval renaissance in both the hands, Milan looks classy and is an ideal destination for fashion aficionados. Take a look at Leonardo's mark of genius, bask in the architectural renaissance, and go shopping.

What to see: Duomo di Milano, Sforza Castle, Brera, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Travel Tip: Buy lots of wine and make sure to avoid the taxis. They are incredibly expensive.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

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Laden with a thriving contemporary culture, the multifaceted Portugal capital of Lisbon is easily one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities in the Western Europe. Clothed in white bleached limestone buildings, the traditional heritage of Lisbon brimming with the rich and vast history blends effortlessly in with the modernism, offering a best of both the worlds. White-domed cathedrals, ancient ruins, and the cinematic hillsides are some of the highlights of Lisbon.

What to see: Jerute;nimos Monastery, Belém Tower, So Jorge Castle, Lisbon Baixa
Travel Tip: Always keep cash on hand as most of the places in Lisbon accept only Multibanco.

6. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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The capital of the namesake country, Luxembourg city in the heart of the Western Europe is the old-world charm personified. Built around the gorges of the Alzette and Petrusse rivers, Luxembourg city has an unusual setting and is totally scenic. From beautifully articulated green spaces to winding canals to spectacular valleys, Luxembourg is full of surprises in every corner. Visit the city for its distinct atmosphere and wonderful museums.

What to see: Bock, Grand Ducal Palace, Mudam, Notre-Dame Cathedral
Travel Tip: Bus is the ideal way to commute in Luxembourg, alternatively if you are traveling by car, keep your doors & windows closed.

7. Ibiza, Spain

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Nestled in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain, Ibiza is a tranquil, unspoiled island. Attracting thousands of people every year, Ibiza is one of the hottest party spots in the Mediterranean. Thanks to the number of world-class nightclubs. Meander through the hills, explore the lovely coastline adorning the island with a lot of coves to discover, and dance to the catchy night scene. Complete with a lot of activities, Ibiza is one of the top places to visit in Europe in May.

What to see: Platja d'en Bossa, Cala Tarida, Mercadillo Las Dalias, Cala Comte
Travel Tip: Try having the drinks and appetizers right at the bar, sitting in at the table costs extra.

8. Valencia, Spain

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Culturally exuberant, the thriving port city of Valencia carries some of the most splendid architectural wonders of Spain. Lining the streets of Valencia are Gothic and Renaissance monuments carrying a Mediterranean flair, toxic enough to keep the tourists tied. Ride on a bicycle to get every ounce of the characterful city, stuff your mouth with the local favorite of Paella, and relax on the beach. The city of arts & science is one of the wonderful tourist attractions in Europe.

What to see: City of Arts and Sciences, L'Oceanogrfic, Mercado Central, Llotja de la Seda
Travel Tip: Get the Valencia Tourist card, if you are planning to check out a lot of attractions.

9. Chamonix, France

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If you picture white snow when you think about where to go in Europe in May, then Chamonix is the right place to head to. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Chamonix is a famous ski resort destination in the French Alps. Carrying a sensational backdrop, Chamonix is dramatic and the tranquil Alpine retreat with tumbling glaciers has a special something for the visitors, all year round. Experience the thrills, this stellar destination has to offer and say 'hello' to the soaring peaks.

What to see: Mont Blanc, Le Brévent, Aiguille du Midi, Mont Blanc Tramway
Travel Tip: Double check the weather before heading on to Chamonix, as there is a lot of fluctuation.

10. Zagreb, Croatia

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Lying on the southern slopes of Medvednica mountain at an elevation of 400 feet above the sea level, Zagreb is a popular city break destination in Croatia. A place of cultural curiosities, Zagreb grew rapidly into an appealing tourist destination and the main highlight of the city is its dazzling night scene. Admire the Austro-Hungarian architecture, stop by at the museums & art galleries, and dance the night away at the lakeside discos. Compact in size, Zagreb packs a punch.

What to see: St. Mark's Church, Museum of Broken Relationships, Ban Jelačić Square, Gornji GradMedvečak
Travel Tip: Smoking in public places is prohibited, use the smoking zones.

11. Burgundy, France

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Characterized by rolling hills, mustard fields, and medieval villages, Burgundy is a quintessential countryside in France. Rightly named, Burgundy is famous for locally-made wines which carry a tinge of Burgundy. Go on a wine tasting spree by tracing your way through the vineyards, go biking in the wilderness, enjoy the scenery and do stop to smell the roses. Relatively not known to many, Burgundy is one of the romantic places to visit in Europe in May.

What to see: Abbey of Fontenay, Hospices of Beaune, Morvan, Guédelon Castle
Travel Tip: Head to the south Burgundy to grab the best wine bottles in the region.

12. Szentendre, Hungary

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In close proximity to Budapest is the less explored riverside town of Szentendre. Perched on the Danube river, the charming town is lined with well-preserved houses and churches. Take a stroll through the cobblestoned streets, get enough of the art museums & galleries, and soak in the Serbian culture. The colorful baroque houses, flourishing artists' colony, and the enchanting neighborhood just add to the wonderful environment of Szentendre.

What to see: Hungarian Open Air Museum, Szamos Marcipán Múzeum, Kovács Margit Múzeum, Ferenczy Museum
Travel Tip: For the best experience of Szentendre, explore on foot.

13. Corfu Island, Greece

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Corfu Island is a gorgeous Island destination in the northwestern part of Greece. Exhibiting a strong connection to the history of Greece and Europe, Corfu Island carries a rich legacy behind its Venetian fortresses and Byzantine churches. Easily seductive with its sandy beaches and clear seas, the landscape of Corfu Island is completely breathtaking. Drift away in a yacht, try counting the sheer number of trees crowding the island, and quickly change to your swimming clothes!

What to see: Achilleion, Palaiokastritsa, Sidari, Mount Pantokrator
Travel Tip: A great way to explore Corfu Island is to rent a boat and just sail off.

14. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Situated on the Neretva river, Mostar is one of the ancient destinations in the world and it is no wonder that it finds a place in the list of where to go in Europe in May. Twinkling with gushing streamlets, intricate stoneworks, and the historic Stari Most bridge, Moster is a slice of the past. Study the incredibly friendly Bosnian history, explore every bit of the old town, and get your hands on the local handmade souvenirs. Mostar never gets too old to visit.

What to see: Stari Most, Karađoz Bey Mosque, Neretva, Vrelo Bune
Travel Tip: Try staying in along with the locals to get a true essence of Mostar.

15. Aarhus, Denmark

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Underrated by many, a trip to Aarhus in Denmark is one of the best things to do while traveling to Europe. Situated by the sea in the heart of Jutland, Aarhus is a young and a lively city with a special something for architecture, design, and food lovers. Rated as one of the happiest cities in the world, the dynamic atmosphere in Aarhus will get you down and is hard to say no to. Visit the art galleries, take pleasure in the great music scene, rejoice in the festivals, and go a gastronomic journey.

What to see: The Old Town, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Moesgaard Museum, Tivoli Friheden
Travel Tip: Avoid eating at the restaurants by the canals, they are expensive.

Thrilled by the list of places to visit in Europe in May? Take your enthusiasm forward by planning a trip.


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