Best Places to Visit in October in Europe

By Neha Kapoor on Feb 20, 2019
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A Fall sojourn in Europe is what most of us look forward to in the months of September and October. During the month of October, most of the cities in Europe get enveloped with autumn foliage which further look bewitching and straightaway taken from the world of fancy. The streets remain less crowded and the nature seems more benign than extreme winters or summers. Believe me, you have enough reasons to visit this continent during this time.
We have a long list of places to visit in October in Europe to help you plan better and to explore their enchanting landscapes.

1. Bruges, Belgium

Best Places to Visit in October in Europe

A picture of Bruges during the Fall season looks like as if it has been straightaway etched out of a fairy tale world-colorful, picture perfect and too beautiful for eyes to behold. Picturesque cobbled streets get carpeted by Fall leaves leaving a surreal impression on those who behold it. Soaring towers, historic churches and old whitewashed almshouses offer an exquisite backdrop to the playful nature that comes across in the most striking colors of yellow and orange. The best way to enjoy the October season in Bruges is to laze an afternoon away in an outdoor cafe or coffee shop on a plein and stroll the canals at night for the ultimate romantic evening. Bruges is also the venue for annual Ghent Film Fest in October that promotes the musical influences of professional composers working in the cinema industry.
What to See: Markt, Canal Tour, Choco-Story, Est Winjbar, Burg, Groeningemuseum, City Hall, Bruges Diamond Museum, Expo Picasso
Travel Tip: Don’t forget to try the famous Belgian Waffle. Experiment with the topping choices which include fresh whipped cream, chocolate sauce, ice cream and fresh fruitfor an ultimate taste sensation.

2. Oslo, Norway

Best Places to Visit in October in EuropePC: wikimedia

If you have been thinking as to where to go on holiday in October in Europe, Oslo would be your perfect choice! Carpeted by bright red, yellow and orange, and berries and mushrooms that grow in the mountains and forests of Oslo offer a spellbinding effect on you. October is the best time for those long leisure walks in fresh, crisp air. Various hues of golden and red paint the landscape of Oslo making it look like a masterpiece of nature on a grand canvas. As you explore this distinct place in Europe, you will see farmer children standing by the roadside, selling apples, pears and plums offering a tasty temptation for travelers. If you are visiting Oslo in October, don’t forget to attend the famous Oslo Horse Show which is a three-day international equestrian event held every year on the second weekend of October at the Oslo Spektrum.
What to See: Oslofjord, Viking Ship Museum, Akershus Fortress, Fram Museum, Munch Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum and ofcourse the abundant nature.
Travel Tip: Since the temperature in Oslo drops during September and October, this is the perfect season for picking berries and mushrooms.

3. Lugano, Switzerland

Best Places to Visit in October in EuropePC:

There is a specific reason as to why Lugano in Switzerland claims to be one of the best places to visit in Europe in October. This is the time when the city gets enlivened by the Autumn Festival that celebrates some of the finest local produce with food and drink stalls lining the streets. While walking down the streets of Lugano during this festival, you will come across "grottini" which are the eating stations set up by local operators from where you can sample typical Ticinese specialties, such as polenta with stew or beans and mortadella or roast pork, risotto, minestrone, gnocchi, Ticino wines and many other local delights. Music and dance entertainment further add up to the entertainment quotient of this festival.

What to See: Monte San Salvatore, Monte Bre, Cathedral of Saint Lawrence, Museum of Cultures, Villa Del Balbianello, Singhignola

Travel Tip: Lugano is a base for hiking, and cruising the lake. Don’t forget to try these activities here!

4. Aragon, Spain

Best Places to Visit in October in

The stunning autumn colors of Spain is the best way to witness the magnificence of nature and its voluminous spread. Visit Aragon in Spain as it is an ideal winter Sun destination in Europe to offer that coveted blend of warm days and chilly nights. Autumn is a fantastic time to tour some of Spain's vineyards. For those who are interested in Spanish fiestas, make sure to visit the region between 4-13th October: that's when the Aragonese city of Zaragoza celebrates its Fiestas del Pilar.

What to see: Zaragoza, Teruel, Huesca, Jaca, Calatayud, Albarraacin, Alquezar

Travel Tip: Autumn is wild mushroom season in Spain, so why not grab a basket and spend a fun autumnal day foraging for some tasty fungi!

5. Budapest, Hungary

Best Places to Visit in October in Europe

Budapest in Hungary is one of those locations that will fulfill the travel fantasies of those who are thinking as to where to go in Europe in October! Since Budapest is a walking city, Fall is the perfect time to wander around on foot and explore its many cozy cafés and restaurants. Get ready to be entranced by the beautiful scenery of fall foliage with the changing colors of autumn leaves and to soak in their exuberant charm. Also, the Oktoberfest Budapest promises to be the city's biggest celebration of the favorite malty beverage.
What to See: Buda Castle, Chain Bridge, HosokTere, Fisherman’s Bastion, Margaret Island, Matthias Church
Travel Tips: October is the ideal time to take a harvest trip to Tokaj, Eger, Villány or many other wine regions around Budapest. You will find several wineries offering wine tasting and accommodation.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Best Places to Visit in October in Europe 

With its expansive sun kissed sea beaches, Barcelona is the ultimate Winter Sun Destinations in Europe to think of in the month of October. It is that time of the year when the city is blessed with 32 degrees of a perfect sun, beaches crowded with people and surfers enjoying small waves. The local population terms this period as the Indian summer of Barcelona. So get prepared to be stroked by the rays of warm sun and get that glorious tan on your flesh! 
What to see: SarghadaFamilia, La Rambla, Park Guell, CasoBatllo, Gothic Quarter, Camp Nou, Casa Mila
Travel Tip: The bars on the Barcelona beaches close on October 20th. This is your last chance to enjoy a cold Mojito with your feet in the sand!

7. Ukanc, Slovenia

Best Places to Visit in October in Europe

The crisp autumn air and clear blue skies render a beautiful sight to Ukanc in Slovenia during Autumn. Lying in the western end of Lake Bohinj in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia, Ukanc looks like a piece of heaven on Earth during the Fall season. This place becomes superlatively beautiful with rich reds and golden hues reflected in the clear lake. Your visit to this place can be more enriching as the Old Vine Festival also falls in October.

What to see: Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia’s national hayrack

Travel Tip: Do take up the scenic one-hour walk to Savica Waterfalls for an ultimate travel experience.

8. Istanbul, Turkey

Best Places to Visit in October in EuropePC:

Autumn season is spectacular in the landscape of Istanbul. From the end of September, the central districts of the city re-fill and the lively and bustling Istanbul’s life comes to the forefront to create an everlasting impression on the minds of the travelers. Since the city’s temperatures remain warm enough to get lost in the charming streets of Istanbul. The best way to soak in the autumn sun of Istanbul is to walk on the banks of the Bosphorus and see the shimmering waves pass you.

What to see: Hagia Sophia, Topkai Palace, Grand Bazar, Basilica Cistern, Galata Tower, Chora Church, Süleymaniye Mosque

Travel Tip: Indulge in Turkish Delight sweets and pomegranates for a melting traveler’s experience in your mouth!

9. Piedmont, Italy 

Best Places to Visit in October in Europe

The ultimate Autumn European getaway, Piedmont in Italy sends you into a state of trance with its expansive wine yards and fall foliage. Piedmont offers posh accommodations, heavenly dining, spectacular scenery and one-of-a-kind activities in the season of Fall/Autumn and makes your trip to this place in October worth a visit. This is the best time to explore the region’s many vineyards and wineries and enjoy the region’s other renowned products. While visiting Piedmont in October, do attend the Alba International White Truffle Fair which is spread across the month of October and celebrates the famous Alba White Truffle and other exceptional local produce.
 What to See: Turin, Province of Asti, Stresa, Alba, Piedmont 
Travel Tip: Do get up on to a hot air balloon to witness the picturesque beauty of Piedmont from above.

10. Loire Valley, France

For those who are in a fix as to where to go in Europe in October, Loire Valley in France is the perfect answer. This is one of the most beautiful months as the leaves of trees and other wooded plants burst out in the warmest of colours and hues. With crisp air surrounding Loire Valley, this is a great time to head out and see this stunning region on a bicycle or on foot.
What to See: Visit its various chateaux, towns and villages, Markets and Parks for a rendezvous with nature and culture.
Travel Tip: On Sunday, when most shops are closed, try to avoid the main cities-Orléans, Tours, Angers.

11. Ahornboden, Austria

In autumn, the stunning sceneries of Ahornboden add superlatives as the landscape wears the Golden sheen with fall foliage and heavenly colours. In October, Ahornboden is the perfect place for quiet contemplation, and a European sojourn. This is a true nature’s paradise with alpine meadows studded with thousands of mountain maple trees, which turn vibrant yellow every September to October like a canvas painted with immortal colors.
What to see: Capture the beautiful maple trees, some of which are infact 600 years old.
Travel Tip: This time of year is your last chance to hike, mountain bike, and feast upon dumpling soup or sugar-coated pancakes at remote Alpine inns before the long winter sets in.

12. Douro Valley, Portugal

Best Places to Visit in October in Europe

This enchanted valley is ideal Fall/Autumn destination for a European stay. Walk along the way to admire breathtaking landscapes of Douro valley over the river and visit vineyards, towns and villages until you reach Miranda do Douro, the point at which the river enters Portugal. After your excursion, you shall be bound to believe what the locals brag, "God made the earth, but man made the Douro."

What to see: Capela Ds Sao Pedro De Balsemo, Museo De Lamego

Travel Tip: Local tourist and wine authorities who will help you design your perfect tour of the vineyards. Look out for them!

13. Edinburg, Scotland

Edinburgh experiences a brief autumn and the city completely changes its contours under the thick fall foliage and striking colors. It would be thus a nice idea to visit Edinburgh during October to see that brief spell of exuberant nature here. When it comes to weather; by the end of October, you'll need a heavy winter jacket as temperatures take a dip.
What to see: Holyrood Palace, Arthur’s Seat, HMY Britannia, Prices Street, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburh Castle
Travel Tip: Always pack an umbrella, hoodies, a raincoat during your trip to Edinburgh, no matter what time of the year you are visiting.

14. Florence, Italy

Best Places to Visit in October in EuropePC:

October is a month filled with lovely mild weather in Florence and the sun shines brightly in the sky for a clear blue day. Due to this combination of mild weather and clear sunshine, Florence can easily be considered as the ultimate October Sun Holiday destinations for those who wish to stay in Europe. It is also that time of the year when Florence celebrates its first patron saint with the Feast of Santa Reparata and the locals remember her each October with local festivities. Owing to its popularity, the museums and art galleries of Florencehave huge queues, so make sure you book the skip the line tickets and tours in Florence on your visit to save time! 

What to see: Florence Cathedral, Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vechhio, Palazzo Vecchio, Basilica of Santa Corce

Travel Tip: Dress in layers to make sure you'll always be comfortable!

15. Santorini, Greece

PC: Maggie Meng/Flickr

Perpetual sunshine, whitewashed houses, an expansive sunkissed seashore offer a perfect backdrop for an October Sojourn in Santorini. This place looks gorgeous in October with beautiful weather, lesser crowds and a spectacular scenery. Visiting the Greek Island in the Southern Aegean Sea is definitely your big answer to where to go in October in Europe.
What to See: Oia, Fira, Kamari, Perissa, Roman Catholic Diocose of Santorini, Nea Kameni
Travel Tip: Reserve a seat at Sunset cafes in Oia to watch stunning views of the sunset over waters. 
So which of these places would you like to pick up for your European sojourn in October?
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