8 Must Visit Places in South America

By Seema Nande on Dec 21, 2018
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Laced by the beautifully mammoth Andes amidst lush rainforests, heavenly beaches, and icy landscapes, South America is nothing short of a tropical heaven. The continent’s extreme geographic variation contributes to its large number of beautiful biomes, that are another distinctive feature of this destination. An insight into the colonial with cultural treasures is an experience of its own kind! With an enchanting music scene as well, with the likes of Colombian salsa, Brazilian samba, Argentine tango and Andean folk music, you might wonder what’s not to miss here! The dose of adventure is another thing altogether. If this has got you contemplating on where to go in South America, read on!

1. Brazil - South America's must-see!


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Perhaps the most modern country of the continent, Brazil is contemporary, newfangled and progressive. Undoubtedly one of the top destinations in South America, Brazil has a beautiful mélange to offer you. Think Brazil think Carnival, coral-fringed tropical islands, great biodiversity, kayaking in the Amazon and Samba clubs. With vibrant cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Salvador, providing the best taste of urban life in 21st Century South America, Brazil is a leading S. American nation. If you wonder where to go in South America, Brazil is the best place to start your sojourn. With many tourist hotspots, don’t miss out on Christ the Redeemer, Corcovado, Teatro Amazonas and the Tijuca Forest.

2. Venezuela - a must on ever traveler's bucket list!

Venezuela is home to South America's most phenomenal landscapes, much more than just an azure seascape. With hyperinflation leading to a dramatic drop in the living standards of nationals, traveling here may be a concern of safety. However, the pull of the natural beauty will overpower anything else. Aesthetically one of the best countries to visit in South America, Venezuela has some great things to offer. The world’s largest waterfall - Salto Angel (Angel Falls), Fundacion Bigott for that glimpse into traditional Venezuelan culture, Isla De Margarita - for the continent’s best beaches, and the Kamarata an old village are must see when here.
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3. Peru - undoubtedly one of the best places to go in South America! 


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Soaring peaks, serene waters, and tradition snapping out from everywhere Peru is the South American epitome of a smooth mélange of tradition and novelty. Traditional intricate and exquisite weavings that make runway couture is one example of this. The diversity is not just restricted here but follows into the natural surroundings too. Your chance to indulge in some superb Latin cuisine, Peru’s food scene is mighty good as well. Mythical beliefs celebrate festivals that mark ancient rites. And the carnivals are an exhilarating experience too. Treat yourselves to delightful sights of Machu Picchu the lost Incan city, Islas Uros unique floating islands, Monasterio de Santa Catalina a colonial edifice, and the Chan Chan - the largest pre-Columbian city in the Americas. The canopy walk and Nazca line, can obviously not be missed. 
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4. Colombia - for your 'Where to go in South America' doubt!

Colombia is a perfect place for all kinds of travelers- solo travelers, first-time traveler, and families alike. Delight in the charming remnants of Spanish colonialism, in Cartagena - the best in the world.  Experience Spanish culture first hand, like no other place in the world. The capital, rightly called as ‘the city of contrasts’ Bogota will offer you every wide-ranged spectacle. With most of the must-see attractions here standing as a symbol for Bogota, you cannot miss out on them. Plaza De Bolivar, Gold Museum Or Museo Del Oro, especially are must-see attractions of Bogota. Coming to other attractions of Columbia, one can possibly not pass the world’s most impressive ecological wonder, the five color river - Cao Cristales! Located in the Macarena Mountains this river is also referred to as the 'The Liquid Rainbow.' A Trip to Villa de Leyva is a good idea to conclude your Columbian sojourn. All this superlatively makes Colombia one of the best places to go in South America!

5. Ecuador - Charles Darwin's inspiration!


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Quito and the Galápagos Islands will pull you to Ecuador on your South American venture! The capital of Ecuador Quito, is vividly set high up in the Andes now how beautiful is that already? A capital on a mountain! Gray misty afternoons amidst the lush greenery of the mountains is what a typical day in Quito is like. Perhaps, the best place to experience warm, traditional Ecuadorian Sierra culture. The city’s ‘Old Town’ - a Unesco World Heritage Site, is a gem packed with colonial monuments and architectural treasures. The other jewel of this nation is one of South America's top sight- The Galápagos Islands. Essentially an isolated group of volcanic islands, its fragile ecosystem has taken a near-mythological status as a showcase of biodiversity! These islands, in fact, inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. 
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6. South America's top sight - Patagonia

Sparsely populated, the region of Patagonia lies at the southern end of South America. The region spans across the nations of Argentina and Chile is topographical diversity at its best! From enormous mountains, golden deserts to grasslands, the region has two coasts as well as one with the Pacific Ocean and the other with the Atlantic. Each having its own charm, there are 6 national parks - Torres del Paine (Chile), Los Glaciares (Argentina), Laguna San Rafael (Chile), Nahuel Huapi (Argentina), Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) and Alberto de Agostini (Chile). Puerto Madryn of the region is best for whale-watching. The Perito Moreno Glacier is another very popular tourist attraction. If archeology interests you then The Neuquén Province in the northwest is a place where you will find many dinosaur fossils. 

7. Argentina - One of the best countries to visit in South America


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The bright and bustling football nation, Argentina is creative, spontaneous and adaptable. Holding visitors in absolute awe, given factors like tango, beef, gauchos and of course, football, this nation has been a favorite of many. Buenos Aires is another vivacious city in South America, like Rio de Janeiro that gives you the urban feel. Chilling at the Parrillas (steak restaurants), get immersed in the Argentine Culture as you proceed to a tango performance. The mighty Iguazú Falls, spreading across Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay will leave you mesmerized. The Glaciar Perito Moreno is another wonder of this nation. Rustic mountains, cacti dotted deserts, gigantic ice fields paint the picture of Argentina. Your visit to this nation is incomplete without exploring the 'End of the Earth' in Ushuaia!

8. Let serendipity take over you at - Chile

A South America's must see list, is incomplete without mentioning Chile and its wonders. Denoted as the place where soaring peaks meet rushing rivers, Chile is nature running free. Let serendipity take over you as you discover Carretera Austral, a wrong turn possibly leading you to heaven. With big wine culture, the nation believes in the Patagonian saying 'Those who hurry waste their time!' Again a very geographically diverse region, Chile stretches to the southern tip of the continent, with deserts and glaciers adorning it.  A great spot to hike in the wilderness, Chile ha some great hikes too. The Valle de la Luna is magic in one word but, essentially is popular as for its moonlike landscape of dunes, rugged mountains, and distinctive rock formation! Easter island, Santiago, Punta Arenas, and the port city of Puerto Natales are a must-see here. 
List sums up the must-sees in South America and if you are still wondering - where to go in South America, you need to get moving!
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