Best Affordable Places To Stay In USA National Parks

By Hamsa Mohan on Nov 28, 2016
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Planning a weekend getaway to the parks in the US can get tricky due to the stay-over. Although recently, many resorts and hotels are available, the expenses of those places spike up the total cost of the trip. We have come up with a list of places that you can hit instead of spending all the money on hotels. These cottages and lodges have all the amenities and scenic view that allows you to unwind without burning a hole in your pocket. 

1. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Horse Country Cottage


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Located at the Roundhat Ranch, Yosemite Horse Country Cottage is a must visit. Situated in the Catheys Valley, Horse Country Cottage is the only rental that is accessible all year. This is because the cottage is located in the route that survives all the climatic conditions for travelers. Paralleled to the Yosemite Valley, the Horse Country Cottage has a private area that is fenced, thereby securing visitors from animal routes. One of the important features of the cottage that make it the favorite destination for all tourists is the cozy and serene environment. At a distance of 2.7 miles from the State Highway 140, this place makes the trip to the park easier and the time taken to reach the park shorter. 

Yosemite River Rock Cabin 

Image Source: Ken Lund/Flickr
Located inside the Yosemite National Park, River rock cabin is a masterpiece within the park. With ample parking space, the cabin has a breathtaking view of the forest, mountain, and sky. The vintage rustic setup of the cabin gives you the perfect weekend getaway experience with family and friends. With a capacity to accommodate 10 people, the river rock cabin also offers some digital experience with their state-of-the-art TVs and DVD players.
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2. Zion National Park

Gooseberry Mesa Lodge

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The adventurous side of you will fully rejoice at Gooseberry Mesa Lodge. A place that is known for hiking and mountain biking, the place is a perfect choice for family getaways and for adventurers. It is also situated in an accessible location from the surrounding national parks. With a panoramic view of Zion National Park, the lodge is spread across 1.3 acres of land with the main house that can accommodate 6 people and 3 car garage. If you are the one to barbecue, the place has a spectacular spot to hang out and enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. 

Zion Mountain cabin 

Image Source: Ken Lund/Flickr
An ideal location for large families, Zion Mountain cabin has all the amenities one needs to have a relaxing time.  With space to accommodate 18 people, the cabin is surrounded by pine trees. Take a walk around the mountain and breath the fresh air while enjoying the scenic view from the lodge. The lodge has snow removal thus making it accessible all year round. At a distance of only 7 miles from Zion National Park, the drive is less than 10 mins from the cabin.
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3. Joshua Tree National Park

Villa Serno

Image Source: Ken Lund/Flickr
An elegant ambiance sets the mood for a romantic getaway to Villa serno. Located in the Coachella Valley, Villa Serno is at a walkable distance from Empire Polo Club. The place can easily accommodate up to 18 adults and has all the amenities for a perfectly relaxing weekend. Simply pick a date, book in advance and unwind from your busy urban life. 

Stagecoach getaway

Image Source: Ken Lund/Flickr  
A luxury home with 5 bedrooms, the Stagecoach getaway can accommodate close to 16 people. At a walking distance from Coachella, the place has luxurious interiors that also has a private pool to relax. The place also has a beautiful view of nature through the backyard. Stagecoach getaway also has desert trip packages that are available on request. The place comes to life with music festivals and it is at a perfect distance to walk up to Joshua Tree National park.
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