Best White Sand Beaches in Mexico

By Shraddhanvita Tiwari on Jan 02, 2019
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The Mexican beaches are known for their pristine beauty and exotic atmosphere, the glittering white sand beaches in Mexico are totally unmatched.

No doubt these beaches have enticed the travelers like me for decades with their hidden coves and seashores lined with palm trees.

Although it's really difficult to choose a Mexican beach over the other, I have found these top 10 white sand beaches in Mexico really worth-mentioning. 

1. Tulum: The most ‘beloved’ beach of Mexico

Beaches of Tulum

PC: Stefano Ravalli/

Located on the Caribbean coast of Yucatan peninsula, this beach is well-known for its cliff-top Tulum ruins. All the ancient ruins that you will find here are a group of temples, pyramids, and palaces that will give you a feeling of ‘deja vu’ and make you a part of themselves.

Tulum beach has two parts; one is a private beach while another is a public. On the private beach, you can get bed and umbrella on rent from one of the private hotels, while on the public beach, you can breathe some fresh air under a palm tree with no cost at all.

What to do here: Some of the favorite activities of the tourists are beach combing, spa, and yoga. You can also help protect the eggs of sea turtles.

2. Los Cabos: The 'magic land'

Los Cabos

The beach is also known as "Land's End" as it is located at the edge of the southern Baja California Peninsula.

The reason I call this beach a magic land is that Los Cabos weather is totally undefinable. There is so much contrast that a few minutes’ walk and you will enter a mountainous area from a desert; cross the desert and you will get a sight of an azure sea. That’s also why you will see a rich biodiversity here.

No matter what you are looking for in your vacation, an adventurous vibe, a ‘chill out’ with friends, or just an escape from the everyday hustle of your life, Los Cabos has something for everyone.

With a wonderful quality of sand, a ‘laid-back’ lifestyle, and world-class resorts, Los Cabos opens a world of happiness to all the travelers.

3. Akumal: The ‘land of turtles’


What makes this white sand beach in Mexico so charming and enchanting for plenty of tourists from around the world are its underground rivers and unique coral reef. N

estled on the Riviera Maya, around 60 miles south of Cancun, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, this beach is one of the most beautiful things you will ever find on this planet.

The Akumal mean ‘place of turtles’ in Mayan language, and rightly so, this beach is home to many sea turtles who lay their eggs under the carpet of white sand on the beach.

Don’t just stop here! The Akumal Bay, Half Moon Bay and Yalku Lagoon are the destinations that you will never want to miss.

The shallow bay offers spectacular views and warm waters that will soothe your feet with its medicinal effect. 

What to do here: Experience the life underwater as the reef system makes everything perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. 

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4. Maroma Beach: The gift of tropical foliage

Maroma Beach

Image Source: Matt McGee/

Maroma is the most accessible beach in Mexico as it acquires the central position.

Line with palm trees, the 500-mile sea front and the ecology of rainforest are the highlights of Maroma.

If you are looking for a luxurious vacation, Maroma is the right place for you! The moment I reached Maroma,

I found myself immersed in the sparkling white sand, pristine surroundings, and warm and crystal-clear waters.

Have you ever heard of 'handmade happiness'? You will find it in the handmade stucco huts and thatched roofs of Maroma.

Isn't it exciting to know that each house on this heavenly place is made without using machinery or electricity?

If you are here with your significant other, go for dinner on the beach in moonlit night, and you will never be able to forget this extraordinary treat.

5. Isla Mujeres: The house of Ixchel

Isla Mujeres

Image Source: Rick González/

Isla Mujeres means the land of women. The place is named after Mayan goddess of love- Ixchel. Isla Mujeres is so beautiful that you will realize why this beautiful goddess chose to live here.

The calm turquoise waters and coral beaches of Isla Mujeres are enough to be called ‘a paradise of earth’.

Playa Norte is the name of the beach which is situated here.

We all need a secluded place where we can spend some time with our loved ones and meditate upon our thoughts, but on the other hand, we also want the place surrounded by everything we need to make life comfortable. If that’s true, Isla Mujeres is the perfect place for a vacation.

The place is pristine, but not really isolated. It has all the exotic bars and restaurants that not only offer wonderful dining options but also let you experience the best nightlife of Mexico.

What to do here: Visit a turtle farm on a windy morning and go for beachfront dining under the star-studded sky at night.

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6. Punta Mita: A secluded beach

Punta Mita

PC: William/

No bustling crowd, no troubling noises, no worries! The white sand beach of Punta Mita defines the real meaning of quietude, calm, and serenity.

Punta Mita is situated at the northern edge of Bahia de Banderas, about 14 miles from Puerto Vallarta. This 7-mile long beach is perfect for soulful relaxation. But this doesn’t mean that this beach has nothing for the adventurous minds!

You can find a wonderful range of watersports here. This includes scuba diving and surfing. The beach is an incredible blend of rocks and sand, that together make the beach look straight out of picture postcard.

You can visit the beach of Sayulita by taxi from Punta Mita. 

What to do here: Would you like to see the huge colonies of seabirds? Head to Marietas Islands National Park. 

7. Playa del Carmen: An under-the-radar escape

Playa del Carmen

PC: Wikimedia Commons

You need to put some extra sunblock and keep your sunglasses on when you are on the white sand beaches of Playa del Carmen.

Located 40 miles south of Cancun, Punta Mita has a set of beaches that offer a great venue for playing beach volleyball or soccer.

Specially the beach of Mamitas gives a feeling of a ‘fun-filled vacation’. The beach offers an incredible entertainment in form of jet skis, catamarans, banana boats, and parasailing. I’m really not an adventure buff, but my friends compelled me to go parasailing with them, and I feel, this was the moment when I found the wall of my fear breaking into pieces.

The beach is more popular among the European tourists as the air of Playa del Carmen is always soaked in a party mood.

Some hours on Playa del Carmen and you will forget what ‘loneliness’ means. 

What to do here: Party hard at one of the music beach clubs located on the beach. 

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8. Playa Mazunte: A hidden paradise

Playa Mazunte

Every single thing on this beach is so captivating that I forgot that "moving on" is an integral part of life.

A cute little town full of friendly people, the enchanting ocean waves, and a relaxing atmosphere, everything on this beach of Oaxaca is one of a kind.

The beach is surrounded by rocky lands. You will find a glimpse of Bohemian philosophy on the beach. People, lost in their own world, holding dreadlocks and surfboards, playing with the rough waves and laughing with joy can be seen here.

The coastline of Playa Mazunte is dotted with plenty of restaurants offering mouth-watering seafood and beer. If there is a poet inside you, and you come here on a calm evening watching the hues of purple-orange skies the Sun leaves behind, you will fall in love with place. So, 

"Feel each grain of sand,
That falls from heaven
On this Mexican Land."

What to do here: The Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga, a local turtle sanctuary, is a must-visit. 

9. Playa del Amor: where fun meets fantasy

Playa del Amor

PC: Christian Frausto Bernal/

Your tour of the Mexican islands is incomplete if you have not visited this natural wonder that you will keep marveling at for a lifetime. Often known as the “hidden beach of Mexico”, Playa del Amor is the result of volcanic activities that happened here centuries ago.

It is called “hidden” as this beach is a treasure that can’t be seen from outside. This beach is located on Marieta Islands archipelago off the coast of Puerto Vallarta.

The route to this unique beach itself is quite interesting and exciting. You can reach here with the help of an eighty-foot tunnel that is linked to the Pacific Ocean.

Six feet below the rocky overhang, you will see a rounded beach smiling and glowing with its white sugary sand.

The place is uninhabited and maybe, that’s the reason why it is still carries its magical beauty that attracts so many travelers from around the world. 

What to do here: Soak up the sunshine while kayaking on the turquoise waters.

10. Costa Alegre: the affluence of joy

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Costa Alegre is known for the exclusive activities it offers.

Deep sea fishing, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling, windsurfing, boating, yachting and what not!

Costa Alegre is heaven for all who want to catch some adrenaline rush. Many Europeans come here for bird watching, as plenty of migratory birds flock here from different corners of the world.

The beach is, sometimes, also referred as ‘wealthy beach’ as some rich foreigners have their private resorts here.

Therefore, you will find plenty of luxurious hotels and real estate on this beach of Jalisco, Mexico. 

What to do here: Head to the infinity pool at Cuixmala and the 25,000-acre wildlife preserve to witness a unique flora and fauna. 

Mexico is famous for its rich culture, fabulous cuisine, and people with magnanimous people. But when you keep your feet on the white sand of Mexican beaches, your heart wants to shout, “This is all I want!” So, don’t wait anymore, get your sunglasses ready and start traveling to Mexico.

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