Why Africa Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

By Guest Blogger on Jun 07, 2019
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When you think of a vacation to Africa, it’s easy to become quickly daunting; the sheer size and scale of this remarkable continent can put a lot of travelers off, not to mention the idea of where to go in Africa if you decide to go there. It’s a place that’s often overlooked, but the truth is, it really shouldn’t be. 

No matter which region you choose, there’s something for everyone in this amazing location, a perfect mix of beauty, culture, and landscape that you’ll truly never forget.

Here are just a few reasons why you definitely should make this continent your next vacation destination.

The Amount of Incredible Wildlife

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There’s no doubt that Africa is home to some of the most breath-taking wildlife, from free-roaming elephants to fearsome tigers, exotic birds to incredible marine life, this continent has it all. 

The best way to get up close and personal with the animals (but maybe not too close) is by fitting a safari adventure into your journey. Places like Cape Town and Tanzania offer some of the best safaris: there’s a great choice of Tanzanian Safari Packages out there with reputable companies who really know their stuff!

The Opportunity to Meet the Amazing African People

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Africa is built on a vast mix of diverse tribes, various ethnic groups, cultured locals and – as is common knowledge – some people less fortunate than others. Whoever you meet in Africa, you can be sure that they will be ready for you with a smile, a wave, and a helping hand, and it’s the smallest things like this that can leave you with happy memories of your vacation forever (along with great photos of the locals.) 

And who knows, you may even leave them with lasting memories, too because a smile and a wave can go a long way.

It’s Actually Very Affordable 

Of course, every vacation can break the bank if you let it, but along with a few luxuries which everyone deserves during their vacation, you can make a few budget cost decisions which can change everything. Try a few of these simple tricks to save your dollars: 

  • Travel there outside of peak season to cut your costs considerably.
  • Try cheap hostels or camping as an alternative to expensive accommodation (or a happy mix of the two.)
  • Plan free activities such as hiking or surfing, which won’t cost anything and will still allow you to take in the breath-taking sights of Africa.
  • Hire a car to save on travel expenses, and it makes getting around a lot easier for all the attractions you want to experience.

Outdoor Adventure Awaits!

media_gallery-2019-06-6-11-achieve_1822503_960_720_c6e5662196036d2c026a1483146f6755.jpgImage Source: pixabay.com

Whether you’re an active person already or you’re trying to make more of an effort to kick yourself into gear, Africa is the perfect backdrop for your adventures. This place does have it all, with its vast mountain ranges, rolling plains, and even sandy white beaches – not forgetting the choice of wineries placed along the coast. Relax, walk, scuba dive, ride a horse – or a camel! – it’s really up to you, and it’s all there waiting for you.