Why Cruises Are Perfect For Multi Generation Families

By TripHobo Travel Expert on Jan 08, 2019
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Planning family vacations is extremely difficult when you have a multi-generational family. Finding somewhere that caters to all of your needs and offers things that you can all enjoy together is near impossible, but there is one type of trip that can be enjoyed by little ones, teens, young adults, adults, OAPs and everyone in-between.

Cruise Holidays

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This is a cruise holiday. Cruise holidays have previously been viewed as a vacation type reserved for older people and the rich, but this is changing rapidly. Modern day cruises can travel to exciting destinations all around the world, plus the facilities onboard will take your breath away and there is always something for everyone.

Adventure & Luxury

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Cruises are perfect for multi-generational families as they provide all the adventure of a backpacking holiday without the gruelling travel. Instead, you can relax on the deck and soak up the sun whilst you are taken to a number of fantastic countries. Additionally, the travel between these places is fascinating and you will see many rare and amazing sights along the way. This combination of comfort and adventure will suit both young and older travellers.


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When you book your cruise with specialists like Bolsover Cruise Club, you can book onto the world’s greatest cruise liners. These are jam-packed with incredible facilities that people of all ages can enjoy. Children can spend time at the kids clubs, playgrounds, swimming pools and similar facilities, whilst teens will enjoy playing sports, swimming, watching films and playing games. For adults, cruise liners usually have a host of bars and restaurants, swanky parties, casinos, spa facilities, sports facilities and much more.

In addition to having facilities suited to different generations, the entire family will enjoy spending time by the pool, playing games, the social events and eating in the restaurants. This is important as a family holiday should be about spending quality time together.

Port Days

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You will not want to spend the entire time aboard the ship, which is why port days are so important. These days enable you to get out as a family and explore the nearby area. You could either go on your own adventure or go on a pre-arranged excursion arranged by the cruise organiser.


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Unlike most vacations where you spend time exclusively as a family (these can feel strained at times with multi-generational families), cruises are very social. This means that people are sure to make friends their own age - this time apart can actually be very healthy and make the trip much more enjoyable for all.

If your family has a number of different generations, you cannot go wrong with a cruise.

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