Why Only France Is Repeatedly Targeted by Terror?

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"Man is the cruellest animal” - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
No, I am not being harsh here. This is the saddening, disheartening reality of our race. Despite being the smartest creed with the highest intellect and a capacity to be generous, forgiving and loving; we are destroying lives, killing hope and diminishing the humane quality of caring. 
France- the most visited country in the world, the epicentre of Europe was attacked for the third time since January 2015. Just when the country was healing its wounds and thought that the situation is getting under control, the third attack happened.
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Last week, a 19-tonne cargo truck intentionally ran over a huge mob of people celebrating the festivities of Bastille Day in the city of Nice in the tranquil French Riveria. The attack was carried out by a Tunisian resident of France named Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel. Considered to be the third largest Islamic attack on the country, this clearly raises a question on why is France the hot target for these terror attacks.

Is it a French curse? 

For centuries, France had colonised multiple countries in Africa which in-turn might have resulted in strained relations with a huge Islamic population. Of course, this doesn’t serve as the only explanation for these attacks but can be one of the major factors, according to some experts on the subject.
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Given the fact that the Islamic terror has struck many countries including the United States, the United Kingdom and India in the past few years, the French curse analogy might not be full-proof but can’t be denied at the same time. 
One of the crucial factors that have influenced, motivated and triggered attacks in France is a large number of immigrants that have shifted to the country years ago and run a racket to moralize and aggravate the sense of hatred and violence amongst French Muslims. 
When Nice was attacked, the attacker and driver of the truck was shot and killed. A Tunisian, it is hard to predict if he was one of those French residents who were stirred to fight for their Jihad after moving to France or was one of the troops that are sent out from Tunisia by radical organisations with a motive to attack and kill. 
No one has claimed the attack so far. It will be hard to say who exactly, was responsible for the attack. Attacking with truck tactic was used by Al-Qaeda in the past and ISIS in Iraq, Syria and Libya. Whichever organisation was behind it; clearly wanted to target France mainly to suffice their instinct; to give a warning and to counter-attack the French government’s strict policies against terrorism in African countries. 
In 2011, French Government passed a law against the use of Hijab in public spaces. Hijab, however uncomfortable, unfair and radical it is, is considered to be one of the most significant ideologies among Islam. French Government on the other hand, gave a strong intransigence to this custom by banning it. Things like this; hurt fanatics. ;
Immigrants, radical fanatics, past of colonization is not something that’s worrying and hurting France. It hurts most because the fire is within; the attacks might be coming from the internally penetrated Islamic population of France. According to report; more than 1000 French residents have been radicalised in recent times. The rampantly growing influence of Islamic state, the highly increasing violent approach of the Jihadis to accomplish their mission of converting every living being to their beliefs is scary, intimidating and wrong on all levels. Brutally killing anyone and everyone who fails to pursue the same beliefs as them is inhuman. 
Other dangerous and morally hurting outcome of these consistent attacks is the possible (and quite prevalent) hostile behaviour towards European Muslims from their own countries. This might even provoke the otherwise neutral Muslims to turn to radical thoughts as a resort from the abashment. This is what they call, the French cycle of Terrorism.
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It is France this time; it can be any part of the world, anywhere, anytime. And which is why; it not only important to take a pause and grasp the hidden nuances of any small gestures that we are sending across. They might trigger these attacks in future; our little ignorance can materialize into horrifying incidences. 
No, we don’t need to change, we need to be strong, make a statement and make sure that humanity prevails, life sustains and moves on! 
As Indiana Governer Mike Pence puts it, "Our hearts go out to the fallen and their families in today's terrorist attack in France. This attack is a horrific reminder of the threat facing Western Civilization. This must end. As we mourn with the people of France, we must resolve to bring to justice all those responsible and defeat this enemy of civilization at its source" 
More power to France; More power to Humanity. 
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