10 Reasons Men Would Prefer Travelling With Their Guy Gang

This blog might be about men but then it addresses women for sure! Every girl (girlfriend or Wife) is always intrigued by the ultimate question- why do their partners love to chill out with their guy gang and not them. Alas! When it comes to dating, men are simply overawed with their perfect female partner. But as soon as it comes to travelling suddenly their lost and forgotten male friends come to picture and hence the tale continues. To add to this scene are the movies that promote such travelling male partnerships- remember Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara, Dil Chahta hai! As there are reasons to every preference, let us see what makes men as desirable travelling partners to men than the female counterparts.

1. You can think of picking up all the random itineraries and get lost in travelling. Why shouldn't men have all the fun?

Image Source: raidmycloset.org

2. Forget the baggage that tramples your back as well as your travelling plans. Travel light!

Image Source: abpnews.abplive.in

3. No need to woo anyone! You can be what you are- smelly, raunchy or loud!

Image Source: kknews.cc

4. No Hassles in finding that perfect place for your sweet heart to stay in. Live anywhere!

Image Source: McKay Savage/flickr.ccom

5. The Ultimate reason- do whatever you want- from glam nights to strip clubs. Well everything that the male hormones can fantasize of!

Image Source: Emilio Labrador/flickr.com

6. Drink as much as possible. Go out of control! No glaring eyes of your babe.

Image Source: joemonster.org

7. Not to be always tagged into that shopping!

Image Source: express.co.uk

8. Go Dutch! You don’t have to bear your love interest’s expenses

Image Source: ibtimes.com

9. To plunge into the depths of adventure without that worry to hold on to you!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

10. The F word- To abuse as much as possible without thinking what the women will think!

Image Source: Youtube.com

Do you have any other reason why men prefer to keep their own company? Let us know.

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