Why Mothers Make The Best Travel Companions

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Close your eyes and think of the one person who has always been with you- through thick and thin. The one person who has seen you at your worst, who encourages you to be your best, who has always had answers to all your questions and someone who is always up for a challenge, no matter what you have in mind. Did the image of your lovely mother pop up in your head? Then why does it not pop up when you are cooking up a travel plan with your buddies? Or when you are thinking of going on a solo adventure? Its high time you plan a fun journey with your Mum.

Here's why mothers make the best travel mates:


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It starts right from the packing stage of your vacation. Mothers are such organized women (dont tell me you cleaned up your room as a kid! She did that for you!), that they are the best people to go to for advice when it comes to packing your bags for a journey. She will keep a watchful eye on that extra sweater you tried to sneak in into your suitcase! Or the foot long boots you tried to fit into your overflowing backpack! Her bag on the other hand is an altogether different story. Feeling hungry on a train ride? Worry not because mum managed to pack your favourite biscuits in her purse. A sore throat bothering you? Doctor mum and the bottle of cough syrup in her bag to the rescue!


No Judgement:

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Mothers never judge their kids. So what if instead of scuba diving, you prefer reading a book on the beach, or instead of visiting a history museum, you decide on visiting a Torture museum?! Your mother won't judge you for your (what the world thinks as) queer choices. Infact, she might tag along with you and make the experience even more enjoyable for you.

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''What? How can you buy something so ridiculously expensive and useless?!" asked your friend on your last vacation. So you regretfully put down the overpriced candlestick holders! But not when your mum is around. Spot something super expensive but you like it so much that you have to have it? Your mother might lend you some money. For her, your happiness is more important than all the wealth in the world. Besides, she might not ask you to return the lent amount!


No Complaining:

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When you are travelling with your mother, be assured that she won't be complaining about anything. Why do you want the night lamp on?!  Why do you snore so loud?! Why is there so much hair around the wash basin?! Why did you leave the toilet seat up?! You finished the shampoo?! are just some of the questions you will not hear your mum asking you. She knows you are afraid of darkness, she is used to ignoring your snores and for the rest, she probably just curses you in her head!


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As a kid, you have always been busy growing up. School exams, college submissions, office presentations, it has always been about you. A journey with your mother gives you time to bond with her. Silly conversations, heated debates and gentle advice, all become a part of a wonderful journey when you travel with your mother.

All jokes apart, wouldn't you prefer making beautiful memories with your mother all across the globe? Whether its seeing a famous sight you've always wanted to see or witnessing a beautiful sunrise or an unexpected adventure along the way, there are so many memories you can make with her. I remember the expression on my mum's face when she played in the snow for the first time. And the time when she went leaf picking in a tea plantation. Priceless.

So, before you shortlist your next holiday destination, call up your mum and ask her where she wants to go. Plan a vacation accordingly. The trip will definitely be an experience you will look back on fondly. As a saying goes, A Mother is she who can take the place of others but whose place no one else can take.

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