First Women's Only Beer Club to Be Held In Delhi!

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Being in my early 20s, I have always noticed girls my age who want to smoke or want to drink always have the social stigma backing their contemplation. With the recent news in Pune about an IT professional’s drink being spiked by her male colleague and her being gang raped post that, it is high time we learn to enjoy our alcohol keeping safety in mind. The inhibitions about not drinking in public arises from many such instances and the fact that it is in majority still frowned upon!

But with Delhi being the pioneer of quite a lot of changes in the country, this one comes up as another progressive development for the city. We have Karina Aggarwal, the girl who has taken a wish deep-down from all the girl’s hearts and turned it into reality. She is an alcohol connoisseur, reviewer, a Journalism postgraduate and basically the brain behind the first beer club of Delhi. In this particular club which is to be held on the 12th of March in Defence colony from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm, you will be learning about malts, ale, pales and various other colloquial terms related to beer that you’d definitely not hear of!

Karina has time and again broken the norms by taking up a profession so distinct, and now has come up with the best solution for girls to shed their inhibitions and enjoy beer as well as Homer Simpson does! She has been in the industry long enough to come up with a solution for girls to enjoy the complete company of only girls and basically make a version of "Sex and the city" on a larger scale. When asked on how the idea came about, she had this honest perspective to put forward- "I end up doing a lot of beer appreciations and notice that the women are almost always hesitant to ask questions or share opinions. They usually come up to me after and say something and i thought it was high time we had a group without men being around to claim prerogative."

source : simpsons world

The place is very aptly named " Smarty Pints Society” which is somewhat similar to an adjective which honestly every girl kind of is! With Karina coming up with such a cool concept for Delhi girls, I am just sitting here hoping that she has laid the foundation of a tradition that will spread in a lot more cities and with a lot more vigour. After all it is the perfect time to try out all sorts of beers, learn about them and not just shun it as a men’s drink!

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So while your boyfriends and husbands are busy lazing around the couch, watching Chelsea matches with beer replacing blood in their systems, you can do the same in the company of girls that are more than happy to share their beer as well as their acquired knowledge with you!

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