12 Things that Working at Triphobo Taught Me

By Reshma Dewda on Jul 26, 2015
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In April 2015, I completed one whole year of laughs, gasps and sweat at Triphobo. When I joined, it was called Joguru and functioned out of a small flat on the busy Bhandarkar road in Pune. Weve since graduated to a bungalow, a new name and plenty of well-deserved fame.

I had walked into the interview room clueless and honestly, a bit cynical too. In stark contrast, I am now quite passionate about the website and enthusiastic about its prospects. And what a journey it has been in-between these two realities!

They say the success of an organization reflects in the happiness of its employees.  I have seen Triphobo change and when I was not looking, it has changed me too. I have celebrated its victories and have felt vulnerable on its mistakes. I often find myself boasting about the website to friends and I keep asking myself how I can help to make it better. I guess that is the difference when you work with a startup. There are no unnecessary formalities, theres a certain degree of approachability with the management , encouragement for your ideas and most of all, you feel more accountable for your work.

If I was to sum up my first (of hopefully many) years at Triphobo, Id like to point out all the peculiarities of working here. I have worked for a multinational and a formal, corporate office and nowhere else have I been as aware of these aspects as here.  I had never imagined.. 

1. That colleagues can be friends too

Cut throat competition gives way to camaraderie in our team. Were like a bunch of crazy kids when we are together snacks, coffee, jokes and gossip is how we take our breaks ; not Facebook or Twitter.

2. That everyday is a new day

Theres always something new and abuzz in the office. It could be a new technical development or funding news or a gentle thrashing from the boss ; you never know what you are in for until it actually arrives.


3. That you could share a hearty laugh with your boss

Who wouldve imagined that we have a singer or a photographer hiding in a boss? Or that you could crack a joke and laugh with the boss without being in serious trouble! Times have changed, my friend.

4. That the chaiwallahs call could be music to the ears

Whether its Ramesh-Suresh in the previous office or Bhima in the current one; chaiwallahs have always been the most sought after people in the office. There are only two words that our ears long for in the afternoonMadam, Chai! 

5. That office can be home too

We have bean bags, we have a cozy mattress and a functioning shower too.. whod miss home? Weve had people stay over at the office (by choice) and some who have seriously considered shifting in!

image source:melbourne.co.uk

6. That employees could be as passionate about the business as the founders

Its true. Each one of us is pushing ourselves to deliver our best. Not merely for a raise or to be the employee of the month, but to see a better product. And were all mighty proud of it.

image source: abc wednesday

7. That lunch buffets are an everyday thing

Its an everyday feast. Walk in at lunch hour and you will find a vivid variety of foods displayed on the table and a bunch of excited people switching between tiffins. A team that feasts together, sticks together.

8. That Id prefer the office to stay in an old bungalow rather than a posh tower

Yes, I would. When I heard about the company planning a move to a more posh, befitting office I was silently disappointed. In my opinion, anybody who wants to give up a cozy room surrounded by green and full of laughter and joy would be nothing but heartless!

9. That a trip with your colleagues can turn out to be the trip of your lifetime

When I said yes for the Rann of Kutch trip, little did I imagine that I was in for a rollercoaster ride! So unlike my stereotypical notions, I came back with friends for life and a trip to remember! Read about our exciting trip to Kutch in our blog: Triphobo's Run of Kutch


10. That you could look forward to someone else's birthday too

Oh what a jolly time birthdays at Triphobo are! Apart from the delicious cake and snacks, we have games, song and dance and lots of reasons to smile. Sort of takes you back to your childhood when your birthday was a big deal for everyone around you!

11. That you could actually, genuinely like your Team Leader

Usually, there is more than one reason to hate your team leader. But Triphobo is the first company where I have truly got along with my TL and have a friendship with her too! You know what they say, impossible is nothing.

12. That chairs could ever be so dear

Id give you my heart, but not my chair. Ask anybody in our team, theyd tell you the same thing. Each one of us has grown (ridiculously) fond of our chair and refuse to part with it, come what may. Dont be surprised if you find chain locks on the chair when you walk in!

Theres a lot to be thankful for in the past year. But with the great power that freedom gives you,comes great responsibility. And that is by far the biggest lesson I have learnt in my first year at Triphobo. And as cheesy as it may sound, i can't wait to see what the future holds!

(Note: So we did finally shift to the posh office and boy was i wrong about not looking forward to it! We have tents and beach beds, and kayaks on the wall. The chaiwallah has been replaced by a swanky coffee machine but surprisingly the cozy vibe is still in the air! Read more about our cool office in our blog New Destination of Triphobo)

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