World's Largest Cruise Finally Sails!

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Who said you ought to stay in an old time heritage or an extremely plush hotel to have a royal experience? Who said water was simply for floating or just for simply taking you from one place to another. Combining the best of all experiences, the much-awaited Harmony of the Seas has finally sailed for the first time.

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With slight glitches and complaints from initial customers, there is nothing that can stop this cruise liner from being one of the most extravagant experiences of all times. This ship is 124 feet longer than the Eiffel Tower, a fact that made headlines time and again ever since it came into notice.

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Some of the features of this ship are simply marvelous. Harmony of the seas boasts of 16 restaurants and cafes to choose from, out of which the Wonderland Themed Restaurant has grabbed most eyeballs.

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In the initial days, Barcelona is its home port and it will soon be transferred to Florida for the winter Caribbean cruising season. Some of the coolest features of this cruise are-

  • You will not miss land with the amazing Central Park which comprises of 52 trees and 48 Vines.
  • Breathtaking diving shows at the Aqua Theatre.

23 Swimming pools and an entire water park just for the young ones.    


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  • More than 2000 rooms.
  • Amazing slides, about 4 in number for thrill seekers. You might not be able to venture in the sea for a water park experience, but again you will not miss it also once you take a ride on the ultimate Abyss- the tallest slide on the ship which covers in itself about 10 storeys.

As Harmony of Seas finally pulled out of France where it was made, it was decided that the first 6000 guests will be given GPS wrist trackers so that they do not get lost in its whole empire sort of interiors.


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This ship has finally sailed, but when are you?

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