World Music Day in Paris 2018 (Fête de la Musique)

Nothing can be more soothing in the world than the sound of your favorite song playing somewhere near, making you move without your notice. Yes, music is something that has the capacity to take you to a faraway land, it is something so magical that it can cast a spell on you. Music can be a medicine for people suffering from chronic depression, can lift up someone’s mood, can boost up someone's spirit and what not? World music day is the day which cherishes and celebrates music and its impact on our lives in every possible way.

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1. A small glimpse into the history of World Music Day in Paris 2018 

On the day of summer solstice, the Fete de la Musique or the World Music Day is celebrated in France. The slogan of the festival “Faites de la musique” means “make music”. This slogan was used for encouraging all musicians from amateur to professional to perform on the streets. France celebrates all form of music from Jazz to classical music forms throughout the country with immense enthusiasm. The first initiative for the celebration of this particular festival was taken by the then Minister of the culture of France, Jack Lang, although the celebration of this festival was a brainchild of an American, named Joel Cohen at the time when he was working as a music producer for French National Radio. It was in the year 1982 that the idea of celebration of this free music festival was implemented by Maurice Fleuret, Director of Music and Dance when he observed that almost every child in France is born with the immense potentiality of playing music instruments. 

2. Reasons for Fete de la Musique to become famous 

There are many reasons that explain why the Fete de la Musique has become so popular among cultural events in France. Both professional and amateur musicians take part in this particular festival and celebrate this event with utmost positivity creating a cheerful and festive ambience. During this time all musicians come together and perform in the gardens, squares, streets without charging a single penny, thus offering common people the chance to listen to all types of music genres. 

3. World Music Day 2018 celebrates a musical adventure for all music lovers 

The existence of music was there as soon as mankind found its voice or maybe even before that. Every culture has their own music that is unique not only in terms of language but also in terms of tunes, just like every culture has separate taste in food and eateries. In the western world, people are more familiar with scale. The diatonic scale is something everyone in Western culture who took music classes is familiar with. However, there are also scales like chromatic scale having 12 notes instead of 7 and octatonic scale having 8 notes. Everywhere in the world, different scales and formats are used which gave rise to a unique form of music having its own style and signature. The celebration of world music day is all about adding various cultural themes and in this process giving rise to something truly remarkable and outstanding. Thus, giving all adventurous musicians a chance to plunge into the endless musical adventure. 

4. “Fete de la Musique” is a huge party 

The festival, being one of France’s favorites, witnesses celebration of free music performances from all over the country. It is open to the public for free. And according to government estimation, more than 10 million people participate in this event, which is enough to prove the immense popularity of this festival. This year, the World Music Day will be celebrating its 37th anniversary on 21st June 2018. 

5. This year it is going to be romantic, remarkable and hot

This year it is assumed that the temperature will be around 36 degree Celsius with the sun shining brightly. Thus, it is predicted to be a hot day. Most events usually begin at 2 pm and continue till 11 pm, but there are also exceptions. Few events go on much late at night. This music festival bearing immense significance and contributing a lot to the lives of the people, to their artistic senses has been well recognized and acknowledged internationally. This year 21st June in Paris is sure to make everyone fall in love again with this place. 

6. It makes the world dance to its tune 

The beat of the festival has reached every corner of the world. This year, there is an expectation that 120 countries would participate in this festival. Even countries such as Russia, Australia and Brazil celebrate this festival in their own way. The wide popularity and success of the event in France made many countries to adopt this event and now it has become an important summer event in many countries. Everywhere this day tries to bring out music on the streets without any lucrative motives.

7. The roads of the event were not always very smooth 

It was not always laughter, music, festivity and enjoyment as there were past incidents where the event faced some controversial issues. In the year 2014, this event was boycotted by 50 venues in Paris as a form of protest against the abusive behavior of the police.

Music is something that does not discriminate against anyone. Every emotion can be depicted by a tune, a note and a song. Music can be pervasive everywhere. World Music Day in Paris is marked by a huge party. It is something that is marked by music, friendly atmosphere, gala time, and romantic ambience. If you are a music adventurer, you must have to attend this magical Music day in Paris. 

Every year on 21st June, free concerts and festivity adorn this city of love. Bands play at every nook and corner of this city. Parisians stay busy in celebrating round the clock in bars and clubs. This day, organized for the people, invites every individual to participate in the most awaited feast of the year. The atmosphere of celebration can make anyone forget about all his worries and get carried along with the flow. 

Since its very inception, this Music Day is attracting a large number of concerts and audience in France. On this day all Parisians enjoy themselves with good food, drink and merrymaking.


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