World's Best Airports- Another Reason To Fly!

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018

These Airports have constantly featured on lists which cover World's best Airports across the World. Here is a list of some Airports that you should definitely check out:

1) Changi Airport, Singapore

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If you can take your eyes off the Kinetic Rain Painting(centerpiece of terminal 1), then do not forget to take a dip in the Balinese-themed rooftop pool. The Orchid Garden, Sunflower Garden, Cactus Garden are all to die for and you have an entertainment deck along with a movie theater to pass your time. You can also choose to slide on worlds tallest slide on an airport here and when you are done, do not forget to upload your experience of the Singapore Changi Airport on the Social Tree.

Once you land in Singapore you can explore the city using Singapore itinerary 7 days

2) Incheon International Airport, South Korea

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This airport boasts of Multiple a beautiful koi pond.To add to this there are waterfalls, streams, aviaries and acres of large gardensone of which is a Western-inspired sculpture garden. There are also building-integrated photovoltaics in the garden areas. You can also be mesmerized by the giant skylights here. There is a shopping area which is as big as a district and an amazing dining plaza. The best feature of this airport hands down is the Ultra-efficient air distribution. Air conditioning here is only available as far as three meters from where the airport's visitors roam aroundit doesn't cool air in empty spaces.

3) Munich Airport, Bavaria

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This Airport has a special section for kids where they can enjoy their Munich Airport experience thoroughly. There is a kinderland and an amazing visitors park to keep your kids entertained at all times. There are also various fun events happening at this airport which is also one of the largest roofer outdoor spaces in the whole of Europe. The airport is always lively with surfing events to childrens parties to a Christmas market. Do not forget to check out their regular updates section and also the alphabetical ordering for shop listing in case you cannot find what you are looking for.

4) Beijing International Airport, China

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The best thing about the Beijing International Airport hands down is the variety of local specialties that you come across in the dining area. Right from books to magazines to clothing to accessories, there is a huge variety to choose from for shoppers. The hourly lounge ensures you have a comfortable experience while you are completing your travelling formalities!

5) Kansai International Airport, Japan

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The business center right in the center of the Airport is the reason why this airport is a favorite with working professionals and is often frequented by people of the corporate background. The quick photo booth also lets you click pictures for passport, driving licenses and ID proofs instantly. The best part for the tourist undoubtedly would be the printing booths that let you print your pictures instantly from your digital camera or smart phones.

6) Amsterdam Airport Schipol, Netherlands

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Amsterdam Airport Schipol is the main international Airport of Netherlands. With a Hilton Hotel inside the Airport, you can experience the awesomeness of Amsterdam even while departing. You have some amazing shops to pick from and enough options to satisfy whatever you must be craving at the moment. There are 9 locations here which are open at all times, so even if you are travelling at wee hours of the night, this airport provides you with some lovely option to eat and relax.

7) Taiwan Airport, Taiwan

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Who said you always have to visit a museum of a particular city to understand the history of that particular city? Taiwan Airport provides you an opportunity to understand facts related to Taiwan through various art exhibitions and displays that it has. Apart from the quintessential products, also try to fit in a beauty massage and remember to pick up a couple of 3g digital products!

8) Copenhagen Airport, Denmark

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Apart from providing you with an A-grade quality experience for all the services that this airport has, there are some really special features of the airport. Copenhagen International Airport is one of the very few airports to provide you with physiotherapy and acupuncture services inside the airport. Travelling with kids and children also has never been as easy! Do remember to enroll to the CPH advantage program to enjoy services which you might miss out on if you are travelling without enrolling to it.

9) Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia

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With a beautiful gold coast right outside this airport, it s difficult to match the beauty but its features inside give a tough run to all the near-by attractions. From some amazing breakfast options, to patisseries and liquor shops to pick up from, Kuala Lumpur International Airport has it all! Rest n go, an unique service provides you with various opportunities to re energize and travel. Avail their services just in case the reflexology massages arent your cup of tea!

10) Vancouver International Airport,Canada

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The authorities here have committed themselves to reducing the noise pollution and also towards sustainable development. Vancouver International Airport therefore provides programs related to the two and have some amazing management features for environment. There are various bars and restaurants which ensure you have a good time right before you leave the country!

11) Abu Dhabi International Airport, United Arab Emirates 

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Like the people living in the UAE, even the main Airport of the country is quite a royal one! There are lounges on every terminal providing you with a relaxing experience right before you travel out of the Airport. This Airport is also known for its lovely lighting system, every night here makes the Airport look like its lit up for a festival!

Let us know about your experience or even some other amazing incident that you have had on an Airport. Happy flying! 

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