Biggest Beer Garden In The World

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Its a hot summers day, you had a long, exasperating day at work and youre absolutely parched. Whats the drink of your choice? If you said beer, we hear you loud and clear, and were here to tell you something thats going to get you excited! The worlds biggest beer garden just opened up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and its the place to be if you love craft beer.

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The Raleigh Beer Garden is a 8,500 square foot, two storied, thirst-quenching paradise with a whopping 366 different beers on tapone for each day of the year, and another for the day you're feeling frisky and decide to have one more for the road! Out of the 366, 144 of the beers come of North Carolina and they're housed on the first floor, and another 222 taps come from around the world are upstairs! Its got more beer on individual tap than any other place in the world! Thats a whole lot of beer! And another reason to save the earth! Oh, and we should add that there's a pretty cool cocktail bar too. Anyone say party?

The extensive beer menu can be viewed on video screens that are updated in real-time. There are even nitrous tanks on the second floor that allow some of the beers to be served through a nitro tap, making them taste creamier and smoother. Yum!

The Raleigh Beer Garden shows us what knowing your roots is all about. Besides the 144 craft beers from the North Carolina area, everything in the building and its interiors is native. The bars, tables and countertops are all made from pecan trees that stood on the property before the creation of this bar. Even the exterior is made from wood that has been locally sourced. Despite the localness of so much of this beer garden, were sure its soon going to become an internationally acclaimed travellers hot spot.

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This beer garden takes the word garden literally too, with a whole lot of flora on the site for the viewing pleasure of beer lovers from around the world, as well as a reconstructed 40-foot pecan tree from a local farm in Creedmoor, North Carolina. Theres also a restaurant that serves every food that tastes incredible when had alongside beer: wings, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, you name it! Our mouths are watering already.

And if you believe the owner of the garden, Niall Hanley, this is only the beginning. The garden will be adding more taps on the upper floor so that the number stands at around 400. Travellers, we have much to celebrate. How about we book our tickets to North Carolina soon? Its going to be one beer-tastic holiday!

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