"Smallest House In The World" Is For Rent On Airbnb

We are not in that world anymore where bigger is always better. Boston-based sculptor Jeff Smith has proved this right by creating what he calls 'the smallest house in the world'. This mobile green pod is the talk of the town. Offering a fun little living space, this little wooden trailer looks like a McMansions that you can take out in the city for a stroll while in Boston.

Image Source - Airbnb

The exciting news is, Smith has made this house available for rent on Airbnb just for $55 a night. Jeff is extremely kind to unload the house for you on the desired location of your choice. You can wake up to a sunrise view and get cozy in the nights reading your favorite book by the riverside. Jeff would check on you to ensure everything you need is taken care of. And when you decide your departure, he would come by to pick the house. Isn’t it cool?

Image Source - Airbnb

If you are someone who travels with a bunch of luggage, you might have to rethink about it. The tiny space restricts the luggage storage. But you can always travel light for this cutesy once-in-a-lifetime stay at Jeff’s. The little house comes with a futon, a laptop friendly space and kitchen with running water and propane-powered stove. You really don’t have to worry about being claustrophobic for there is immense light from the skylight and 6 windows made from repurposed pie plate. The apartment is so cute, it comes with its own little mailbox just in case you are living for long enough to receive a mail or two.

Image Source - Airbnb

The toilet is a covered hole on the floor and leads to a drawer of kitty litter. There’s no heat and air conditioning as well. In his Airbnb listing, Smith has mentioned that ''Staying in the smallest house in the world is a unique experience and not for regular people”, yes, he is right. It’s not for the comfortable travelers. But the house being a moving car, one can always drive around and park by a more comfortable toilet. There you go, it's that simple.

This is the one-of-a-kind stay you really don’t want to miss out on, on your next tour to Boston.  So book the 'Smallest House In The World' on Airbnb right away!

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