10 Worst Travel Advice You Need to Ignore

  • UPDATED Sep 06, 2018

People who have travelled a little seem to think that they've been there, done that. They then seem entitled to distribute their pearls of wisdom to anyone who's willing to lend them an ear. Unfortunately, we end up listening to these people and miss out on a whole lot of stuff. Some people can give you some terribly bad travel advice that you need not follow. Here are the things that they might say and we promise that you don't have to listen to them:

10. Take travellers cheques for emergencies

Travellers cheques are a waste of money and most banks dont even accept them anymore. Nowadays, there are ATM's almost everywhere. Take your cash from there. If you're still worried, you can carry an extra ATM card or stash some cash in your socks!

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9. Take more clothes because that means less laundry

At most places, you can get your clothes laundered at the hotel for a relatively affordable rate. You dont need to over-pack. Ever.


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8. Avoid (a particular tourist site) because its too crowded

Come on! How can you travel to Paris and not visit the Eiffel Tower? Or go to travel to India and not visit the Taj Mahal? Or go to travel to New York  and not visit the Statue of Liberty? You get our drift, right?


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7. Buy a map or a guide

When you can find all the information online and everythings updated in real time, why waste paper?


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6. Don't eat the street food

Street food, in most cases, isn't as unhygienic as its made out to be. Give it a chance, because its absolutely scrumptious! If youre still worried about contracting some deadly exotic virus, ask the locals about the best and most hygienic street vendors and they will point you in the right direction.


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5. Be meticulous with your planning

You'll agree when we say that the most memorable trips are those where you do something spontaneously. You never know what might come up during your journey. Meticulous planning may help you be organised, but it will also kill the fun.


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4. Don't plan anything

The exact opposite of what we said previously and still not accurate. Going on an impromptu trip may sound like a lot of fun, but what if you turn up in another country and cant find hotels to stay because its peak season and everythings booked solid? Plan your stay and your food at the least.


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3. Don't talk to strangers

If you don't talk to the locals, how will you possibly immerse yourself into the culture of the place you are visiting? Do you want to have a boring, superficial trip where you learn nothing? Thats not how vacations should be, and you know it. Give the locals a chance. They will be nicer than you think.

2. Women shouldn't travel alone

Which century are we living in? If you're a girl who loves to travel and cant find a travel buddy, its all right. There are many countries in the world that are options for solo female travellers. Just take your regular safety precautions-don't travel alone late at night, avoid quiet neighbourhoods, be alert-and you should be good to go!


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1. Travel while youre young

You can travel whenever you want. You can be 75 and still visit Disneyland. No ones going to stop you.


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Travel wherever and however you wish. With a little bit of research, travelling to anywhere will be a cinch. Dont listen to the naysayers!