How TripHobo Assigns Ranking to Attractions on Things To Do

TripHobo's 'Things To Do' page gives you a list of top attractions/points of interests/must-see places/must-have experiences in the select city. If you are new to the city and have no clue as to what to include and what to exclude, this list will help you decide on the absolute must-visits.

Attractions in any city are arranged and sorted in terms of their popularity, user reviews, number of visitors. Just to give you an idea, here is how each of the attraction in the list is ranked.

How are scores for each attraction calculated?

For any given attraction, TripHobo travel experts assign a score. This score is carefully calculated based on the attraction popularity from many leading travel websites. Things like review rating, a sample of actual traveller reviews, and recommendation from a range of travel experts is taken into consideration and carefully studied to calculate the score of each attraction. This, along with its recency and quality of reviews, helps us come up with an accurate ranking for a particular attraction in a city. Based on the total number of attractions in a city, each attraction is assigned a weight. Higher the weight, the more popular the attractions.

How we include attractions in the list?

Once we have assigned a weight all the attractions in a particular city, TripHobo's popularity ranking algorithm carefully sorts all the attractions in an ascending order, based on its popularity. Opinions and ranking are subjective and dynamic, and hence we make sure that we keep ourselves updated so as to give you a confident travel experience.

How is the list made?

The list includes all the must-visit attractions. Moreover, we also make sure that we include some lesser-known things to do and other popular activities or tours in the particular city. This helps us create a comprehensive list that caters to a wide range of travellers; right from families to solo travellers to explorers.

How to include attractions in your travel plan?

Once you have prepared a list of places you want to visit/cover, you can easily add them to your day plan. You can also use a filter to sort the attractions based on its theme. TripHobo's easy-to-use trip planner helps you drag and drop attraction to your trip plan.