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    Travel planning is fun and easy when we can find all the essential elements at one single website. TripHobo trip planner is the best way to plan a trip for any trip worldwide. Pick the destinations where you want to travel; choose popular attractions, book hotels and tours get ready for your trip. We come across some of these questions below from travellers all the time.

    What is a trip planner?

    A trip planner or itinerary planner is an online tool which helps you plan trip between two points of attraction using special search algorithms. Travel and transit planners use algorithms which suggest attractions, modes of transport like bus, train or air. A good travel planning software also organizes trip based on preferences and schedules by traveller.
    Based on the need of travellers, we developed an intelligent yet simple trip planner tool - TRIPHOBO. TripHobo's trip or itinerary planner offer customized trip plans to travel enthusiasts.

    What are the steps to plan a trip?

    Follow these top 11 basic steps to plan a trip for your next dream vacation.

    1. Pick your destination for the trip
    2. Decide the no of days you can spare
    3. Explore sample trip plans and travel guides
    4. Estimate a rough budget
    5. Book Hotels, flights and tours
    6. Check for the local transit
    7. Create a day-wise itinerary
    8. Add notes
    9. Get visa and travel insurance
    10. Find local restaurants
    11. Get a printed copy of your itinerary, share it with friends

    What is a good trip plan?

    To make a memorable and awesome trip, you need to create a good trip plan. Here are these few elements which make a trip plan a Perfect trip plan.
    A good trip plan includes:

    1. All points of interest and attractions of your choice.
    2. It has comfortable accommodations per your budget.
    3. It provides perfect mode of transport between two points.
    4. It provides good public transit options like bus, taxi, public transit, metros and rails.
    5. It offers well-organized schedule for your travel
    6. Includes restaurants as per your preferences.
    7. It makes your trip rich in cultural and local flavours
    8. It gives you a flawless travel experience.

    What makes TripHobo trip planner unique?

    The best thing about TripHobo trip planner is its flexibility to make a trip plan. It offers to customize your trip plan as per your budget and interest. You can include or remove the hotels, attractions etc. from the trip plans you have created. Below listed are the features which keep TripHobo on the top from all other transit trip planners:
    If you are wondering how to plan the perfect trip with TripHobo, you must have a look at some unique features of TripHobo Trip Planner:

    • Easy and quick travel planning platform
    • Flexibility to use anywhere.
    • Anyone from layman to tech gig can create a trip plan here
    • One can create plan from 1 day to as many days as they want
    • Available for single city as well as multi-city trip plan
    • Covers maximum number of attractions in the world
    • You can add notes for your convenience
    • You can make your trip plan private or public, share it on social media
    • Customized to add hotels, attractions, transit facilities etc.
    • This trip planner has more than 20000 destinations from all around the world. It means you will never miss out on any location while planning your trip.
    • It has got more than 600,000 user generated itineraries for cities, which help as a suggestion while you create your own itinerary.
    • If you want to plan a trip to a city whose language you don't speak, TripHobo comes to your rescue. Since its well curated data is directly sourced from local information and translated in English, it helps a traveller in planning for a trip even to remote destinations without any hassle.
    • TripHobo is a trip itinerary planner tool that includes adventure activities, sightseeing recommendations and quirky local experiences making it a great pick for experiential travel.

    How Does TripHobo Trip Planner Work?

    It is a fabulous online trip planner that lets you plan your dream itineraries- from a trip to Europe, to a scenic road trip planner, to a route plan of NYC, TripHobo has it all!

    1. On TripHobo, you can first create a multimodal, multicity travel plan with understanding of transit options like bus, trains, ferry flights and taxi.
    2. Once the travel plan is created, you can also create a day-by-day itinerary with attractions, things to do, hotels and restaurants in each city.
    3. TripHobo will provide you with information like public transport information, metro train routes, maps, road transit, city bus transit, walking routes. You may also optimise the routes and plan routes on maps. This very itinerary can serve as your base for light rail planner, bus route trip planner, train trip planner and metro train trip planner.
    4. It will also provide the detailed information on ticket prices of attractions, estimated cost of transit options and travel time between each point of interest.
    5. You can then book hotels, tours and finish your crisp trip plan. You can take a print out or access it online anytime.
    6. Your itinerary gets stored in your profile. So anytime you login to TripHobo you can view your trip plan.

    Is TripHobo Trip Planner Free?

    We understand that one of the most important things to consider when planning a trip is the budget. TripHobo trip planner is free to use and charges absolutely no fee for planning your trips. Why spend money on getting a perfect trip plan when TripHobo does it for free! To plan a trip plan or create your own travel map or use the existing itineraries created by travel experts, login to the website and let the trip schedule maker work its magic on you. For availing great discounts on hotel bookings, you can register with your email-id or Facebook account.

    Can I plan a trip to China, Japan, Asia and popular tourist attractions?

    While planning a trip on TripHobo you can pick and add multiple cities where you wish to travel. You can add as many attractions as you like in a trip plan but this online travel planner will suggest you the ideal number of attractions for a day. TripHobo is the best way to plan a trip to China, Japan or a scenic road-trip across USA.

    Can I save and share my trip plans on Facebook and Twitter with friends?

    Yes, you can save your trip plans, share it on social media like Facebook and Twitter and let your friends know about your awesome travel plans. There are many people who are willing to share their trip plans with others. These good travel plans have tried and tested information about planning a holiday, so they are indeed a good guideline. TripHobo is a great way to share your trip plans online as well as check trip plans created by others.
    TripHobo is the world's largest repository of user generated itineraries and you can use TripHobo's trip finder to search trips of desired destination created by users worldwide.

    Is TripHobo Trip planner on my mobile? Is my trip planner available on my phone?

    You can also browse the trip plans on your phone through TripHobo's iOs and Android apps. The best travel planner is just a click away! We at Joguru believe that you deserve a great getaway and offer the FREE trip planner so that you make most of your vacation. TripHobo is the best trip planning app on android with its smart trip planning and hotel booking platform at the same place.
    TripHobo aims to provide travel planning aid to all, hence its well-structured, user-friendly and easy to operate trip planner app on mobile phones is especially useful for elderly travellers.

    What is importance of Itinerary Planner? Why do I need to Map my trip?

    Let's understand why do you need to plan an itinerary? Everyone needs their trip plans to go in smooth and arranged way.

    • Itinerary planner saves your time in travel planning with pen and paper
    • Helps you efficiently visit all your dream destinations
    • A Planner helps you in estimating budget for your trip
    • Makes all your hotel, tours booking all at one place
    • It helps you in figuring out the best modes of transport
    • Helps in prioritizing attractions as per your interests and likes
    • Reduces your hassles when you are on the trip
    • Makes your trip comfortable and memorable one for sure
    • Helps you in not missing unique things to be done

    Go ahead and plan a trip to your Dream Destination Now. Share your feedback with us to make us better.

    How can I use TripHobo to Plan a group journey?

    TripHobo’s Journey planner is the perfect tool to plan a group journey to anywhere in the world. Plan your trip on TripHobo, save it and then invite your friends to edit the journey plan. The group journey plan can be shared with multiple users simultaneously and you can choose to give edit or view access on the journey planner to your friends. The changes created in the journey plan will be visible to all the members of the group and you can also use the live chat to communicate with your friends on the journey planner. This will help you to plan a route for your group trip. What are the different public transport systems that I can use on TripHobo Journey Planner? TripHobo Journey planner incorporates all the available transit systems in a particular destination. The journey planner suggests you the best available public transport between two points and the most optimal route for your journey. This includes the journey between two countries, cities or two points of interest. For planning a journey between two countries or cities, the journey plan suggests railway or bus while for local commute, metro, bus and rail is suggested. This journey planner acts as a route planner & suggests you the most optimal route for your journey, real-time calculating the time required to finish the journey. You can also change the mode of transport to plan your journey. If you want to drive on your journey, this planner helps you find driving directions.

    For what duration can I create a journey plan for, on TripHobo?

    TripHobo is a multi-city, multi-day journey planner and you can create a journey plan for duration of 70 days. This duration includes the journey time between multiple points as well as the actual time spent at the various destinations. The key feature of TripHobo Journey planner is its incorporation of schedule information with accommodation, experiences and sightseeing.

    What is a trip calculator? How can TripHobo be my trip calculator?

    A trip calculator is a tool that gives you the pricing for your trip. This pricing is the actual, total cost of your itinerary and includes the cost of transports (including flights, local transport like trains, metros and buses), tickets and entry fees of points of interests added to the itinerary, cost of the tours and accommodation expenses. On TripHobo, you can create a trip plan adding all these essential elements and get a quote for your trip based on your travel dates. TripHobo’s dynamic, real-time pricing offers the most accurate cost for your transit, accommodation and tickets according to your travel dates and itinerary. This trip calculator helps you estimate your trip cost. After creating itinerary on TripHobo, you can get a travel budget calculated based on your itinerary.

  • Lucas G

    Nice Itinerary planner

    The website and itinerary planner is amazing. I'm surprised I didn't hear about it before.

    The thing I like the most is the easy way in which you can select and arrange your destinations and also the "Suggest Plan" feature.
    I haven't booked my accommodations yet, I'd like to compare your suggestions with other booking services. I'm a big fan of HostelWorld, so integration with HostelWorld would be nice to me.
    (But maybe you already have it and I didn't realize it, I have to dig deeper into the accommodation feature).

    About the things to improve, the "Suggest Plan" sometimes leaves days empty (I mean, without any activities). It would be nice in that case that the app re-schedules the next flight automatically. But it's understandable in a beta feature.

    I would like also to be able to make copies of a trip or draft to be able to do small modifications and chose between similar trip alternatives.
    And finally, it would be nice to know the total cost of the trip adding transportation and accommodation costs. But overall this is an aweoms itinerary plan making tool for me.15-Nov-2016

  • R Sinha

    Good Trip planner but can be improved

    I liked the idea that we can see the trips planned by others and manage my own travel itineraries. The itinerary maker UI is pretty simple and easy to use but I feel it can be further improved. The data that you have is pretty good and it felt really nice to browse though all the trips planned by others.26-Jul-2016

  • Kate Dykstra

    10 out of 10!!

    10! I love the concept of making custom itinerary online. As you said, it seems there are a few kinks to work out such as adding more cities. I already recommended it!

    I look forward to using it for many more trips!26-Jul-2016

  • Tiffany J

    Used trip planner first time and loving it!!!

    This was my first time using an online itinerary planner  and I quite enjoyed the overall experience and will definitely use it on my next trip.

    The website itself is very user friendly. The only issue I had while using it would be the following:

    I had to alternate the initial departure time on our way back from the trip and by doing so I had to re-plan all the attractions I had just planned. It would be nice to be able to edit the "locked in" features when planning the days.

    I would also recommend being able to see your trip as a whole (not only one day at a time) on the map that way you can plan the best attractions onto one organized route (if it's already available I was unable to find it).

    I liked the attractions list, accomodations that would be my favorite feature as it gives you some ideas on where you can go and things not to miss.

    I did not review the hotels as I had already booked beforehand.

    I am very likely to recommend this site to my friends & family.28-Aug-2016

  • Chelsea

    The Best amongst online trip planners ...

    I am planning a trip through Japan in October. I really appreciated the functionality of the trip planner. I had tried to use Google custom maps and Sygic travel but ended up too frustrated with limitations of the functions. What I really like about TripHobo is the travel method suggestion with times for using public transport, live flight options, etc. I appreciate the recommendations for attractions as well, and the indications of whether things may be closed. The links to booking everything are very convenient.

    I did have some issues with the trip picking up the right dates. For my return, it wasn't able to process because of the shift in time zone "going back in time" to a date earlier than leaving. I also became frustrated that I couldn't change route methods and timing in the same interface as planning other stops. If the timing isn't perfect the ability to add things to the day is very limited. It would be nice to be able to override the hour to hour planning and just create a list of optional sights/attractions if desired. It would also be nice to be able to copy an event from one day to another. Last, I'd also like to easily see the entirety of my route on a map. Which I haven't been able to access so far.

    I am booking through my work travel system, but appreciated the ratings and hotel info provided for booking. If it was for personal travel, I would use that function.26-Aug-2016

  • Nitesh A

    Thank you for the best trip planner!!!

    First of all I would like thank you for such a beautiful experience which you guys have given us through your fantastic work and creation which we are using today known as Triphobo. It helped me to plan my trip so well and in one day I m ready with my trip to Goa.

    It is so user friendly and it has almost all attractions listed for Goa which helped alot.

    It shows distance and time which will be spent on travelling so that you can plan your stay time during site seeing.

    It also suggests you with nearest eatouts so that you add flavour of goan food to your meals.

    It also has various options in hotels with respect to room rent and luxury.

    I have already done a bit of marketing for you guys through word of mouth to my friends and family...hope I will get special discount for this in my next trip hahahha :D just kidding.... The only suggestion is if you can provide a tourist online help to hire vehicle or bike on rent (in case of goa) it will help alot.

    I will rate Triphobo 9/10.. 9 because you also know that there is always a room for improvement.

    I wish you guys all the best for future enhancements and improvements and for future journey.

    Keep the good work... I would definitely visit Triphobo in future.13-Oct-2016

  • Gaurav S

    An Immense Timesaver in travel Planning

    Hi Team, I got introduced to TripHobo about 2 months back. Since then I have used it for planning my July trip itinerary and the upcoming trip to Italy . I like going to places I have never been to and hence some other travel portals and reviews online were my only way to plan trips. For last 2 times, I have been using your trip planner tool and absolutely love the experience. I do some juggling over auto suggestions based on my requirements but they have been an immense timesaver so far. You have reduced the amount of time I used to spend with Lonely Planet and a massive thank you for that :) How about letting me print my detailed itinerary for reference while travelling and a concise version that can be submitted directly for Visa? Thanks.31-Aug-2016

  • Katie

    High Caliber Trip Planner

    I've really enjoyed using TripHobo. It was exactly what I was looking for and a very high caliber version of what I had in mind. I might be described as a nervous traveler and TripHobo has allowed me some peace of mind in the process of planning a transatlantic trip. I really like that you can choose your method of transportation. I noticed that the times for the plane tickets I purchased were slightly different then what TripHobo said they were but that's no biggie. I wish that the hotel and sight suggestions were a bit more diversified. Specifically if the hotels suggestions could include something like Home Away or AirBnB for a homier, less touristy option. I am a 9, very likely to recommend to friends and family. Thanks for the great service!24-Aug-2016

  • Jordan A

    Awesome trip planning tool...

    TripHobo is absolutely my new favorite website for trip planning! I stumbled upon it when searching for trip planning information to NYC. It was very simple to use. My husband and I spent time looking through all of the attractions and finding restaurants. It made planning a trip so easy because we were able to read reviews and make decisions. Thanks for such an aweome trip planner tool.17-Aug-2016

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