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Itinerary Features

  • As popular travel saying goes, 'Wander, but don't be lost'! To make sure you have a well-planned itinerary, you need a day-wise trip plan that includes a schedule of your day-to-day activity during the trip. After choosing the let me plan button, you will see a well-distributed itinerary template that spans over the number of days and number of cities that you have selected. Each day displays the date and the names of the cities that you will be visiting on that particular day. The bed symbol is where you can add your accommodation details if you already haven't. Adding accommodation trip to plan helps to plan a better itinerary. The first day begins with displaying your departure point. It can be an airport (symbol), a train(symbol) or a bus station(symbol). You can change your mode of transport according to your preference. You can also change the starting time of your trip. You can add attractions and must see places to your itinerary plan from the right corner labeled as 'Add Places'. After adding the attractions or places according to your choice, you can proceed to next day by clicking on the day icon (symbol/photo). To move to the next day you can use the yellow director button move left or right on the trip planner.  The end of the day time will be displayed which gives you by what time your itinerary will be done for the day.

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