Hotels in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Where to Stay in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates?

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates is every bit as opulent as Dubai while being lower in cost for the stay. That being said the relatively lower costs can still be a fortune if you wish to stay in some of the finer establishments and so it is best to know well in advance what to expect when booking your Abu Dhabi hotels.

As with the rest of the Middle East, luxury hotels are possibly the easiest to find in any major city with great upscale urban interiors and all the amenities one can imagine for the price of around $120 dollars and up. 5 star Abu Dhabi accommodations are some of the most expensive in the world and it is well worth the money if one wishes for the ultimate lodging experience.

One can easily find a slightly lower cost budget hotel as well, however these aren’t exactly cheap either. Coming in at around $100 on the higher end and just a bit lower than that generally it is quite steep. The places to stay in Abu Dhabi around some of the more upmarket areas will tend to be more expensive while offering less.

When looking for where to stay in Abu Dhabi on a budget it is quite hard to find something that is really cheap therefore it is best to choose a chain hotel option and the cheapest room. It is also worth noting that hotels in Abu Dhabi tend to have great amenities regardless of cost so even for a lower price you would get at least a pool and decent restaurants to eat in.

Earlier, the prices for accommodation in Abu Dhabi were half-priced, but not anymore. Have a look at Abu Dhabi hotels, accommodations and restaurants guide with reviews and ratings:

  • Beach Rotana Hotel and Towers:  All one can say about its appeareance is - its marble here, there and allover. It is very luxurious and can be expensive if you are arriving during the holiday season.
  • Hilton Abu Dhabi: Is one of the city’s oldest hotels and in a very good shape. There are sea facing rooms which are identical to most rooms.

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