Hotels in Alaverdi, Armenia

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Where to Stay in Alaverdi, Armenia?

If you are thinking about spending a fortnight in this small beautiful town then you will be happy to know that there are many comfortable accommodations options in terms of hotel available for visitors.

Anoush Hotel: It is the best place to stay for night while you are passing over Alaverdi. It lies on the Alaverdi-Vanadzor highway. It is a beautiful little hotel for you stay and also has a barbeque joint. It overlooks the forests and the Debed River.

Lori Rest House: It has a lot to offer. It has great rooms with all modern amenities like satellite TV, running hot and cold water, meal included in your room price, Entertainment area, café, parking lot, game areas and a playground. The rates are also reasonable.

B&B Iris: It is a small bed and breakfast place run by a family. It is a comfortable place to spend a night and the service is very warm and hospitable. It has a great view of the surrounding natural beauty from a communal terrace. You can also refer this place for food if you are going on camping.

What to eat:-

There are many places where you can stop and eat to satisfy your hungry palate while you are passing over Alaverdi. You should definitely try out the local cuisine and special local recipes of this town. Here is a list of place to eat and drink:

Old Soviet Restaurant: It is located on the crossing of bridge on highway to Sanahin. It is a good place to get something to eat. The food here is good and quite inexpensive. You can try out specials of the day if you want at this place.

Anoush Hotel: Although it is a hotel and provides lodge facilities for passing over travelers, it initially started as a barbeque joint. The barbeque here is really good and worth a try. You can get some food packed for your journey ahead too.

Tufenkian Hotel Restaurant: It is a hotel cum restaurant. It is a luxury place meaning this is a place where you will find a full menu. It is a luxury hotel therefore the food is expensive but it’s fairly good too. If you are looking for a proper meal then this is the place for you.

B&B Iris: It is a bed and breakfast place. If you are looking for breakfast food then this is the best place for you. The food is extremely delicious and homemade. This place has a very warm and friendly environment. You can sit and enjoy breakfast.There are numerous other barbeque joints and local food joints located on the highways which are leading towards Alaverdi. You can try them out. Some of them are quite good too. They are also appropriate for take away food for your journey ahead.