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Where to Stay in Brno, Czech Republic?


  • Penzion Brno: Preslova 90- (+ 420 542 211 953)
  • Comfortable mid-range hotel that won't hit the wallet too hard.
  • Hotel Santander: Pisarecka 6- (+ 420 547 220 233)
  • Luxury accommodation at an appropriate price tag – avoid during trade fairs when rates can be truly extortionate.
  • Apartments Brno No 1: Krizkovsheho 33- (+ 420 777 479 379)
  • Pleasant hotel apartments which come with a decent amount of space and a bottle of wine included in the charge.
  • Holiday Inn: Krizkovsheho 20- (+ 420 543 246 990)
  • A little far out of town and not the greatest of conference hotels but a recognisable brand doing what it does everywhere.


  •  Travellers Hostel: Janska 22 - (+420 545 212 263)
  •  A school that operates as a hostel on the weekend, good value and very friendly.
  •  Hostel Fleda: Stefanikova 24 - (+420 533 433 638)

Acceptable but not quite so cheap accommodation on the edge of the city.


  • Wherever you go in Brno you'll be able to find some good local Czech food, there's nowhere of particular note in the city so just have fun exploring.
  • Though there’s no special restaurant in as such, pretty much any Brno restaurant offers great food – mostly focused around pork and potatoes. Meals are cheap and satisfying, especially if you go for the the pre-prepared option.

Kofola: A favorite traditional non-alcoholic drink.

Bars are best found in Koblizna St. (ask for Charlie’s), Dominikanska  (student crowd). The main square itself has many clubs, pubs, restaurants, coffee houses and lounge bars.

Tip: Visit the cukrarna near the House of the Four Idiots on nam. Svobody and try a chocolate rakviAka ("little coffin", small pastry covered with cream).

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