Hotels in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

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Where to Stay in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah?



  • Best Western Bryce Canyon is the perfect place for you to enjoy nature like no other along with a luxurious stay that gives you the best of both worlds.
  • Bryce Canyon Resort is another option for luxury accommodation in this national park. With all your quintessential activities and great food, remember to book well in advance!


  • Bryce Canyon Western Town- It is considered as a great place to stay if you choose to spend more on the actual experience in the national park than on your accommodation. Plus, it is known for its rock shop.
  • Bryce Canyon Pines- This place is sure to give you a lot of privacy. Not very appealing from outside as such, this place is yet the best option for mid-range accommodation for all the amenities it provides.


  • Camping- The best budget option is to choose the cheapest plan and actually stay inside the park. You can contact the visitor centre to plan your overnight camping stay.
  • Foster’s Bryce Canyon Motel- It is the best budget option for accommodation near to this national park.


  • Best Western ruby’s Inn- A full service dining room and also a buffet known for its pizzas, burgers and fried foods in Bryce Canyon.
  • Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant- This place is the best for meats and potatoes, soups and BLT’s in Bryce Canyon.
  • Ebenezer’s Bar and grill- This is the perfect place if you want to have a hearty barbecue meal in Bryce Canyon.
  • Clarke’s Restaurant- Want a hearty meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Pair it up with some chilling beer and amazing wine and you will complete your experience in this restaurant at Bryce Canyon.

Hotels Near Attractions in Bryce Canyon National Park