Hotels in Budapest, Hungary

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Where to Stay in Budapest, Hungary?

Architecturally stunning with royal palaces and historical buildings, Budapest is one of the grandeur destinations in the world offering surprisingly marvelous sights for even the seasoned of travelers. Incredibly royal with a special something at every corner, there is a varied type of accommodations from which you can choose from in Budapest.

The Castle District is the top locality to stay in Budapest. The proximity to the attractions, the gorgeous views from up the castle hill, and the romantic vibe are some of the reasons for Castle District to be the most preferred areas. While the Castle District is really convenient, it is expensive.

A hotspot for restaurants, cafes, and bars, Downtown situated on the Pest side of the river is where all the action takes place. You can indulge in shopping at the fashion and the jewelry stores along the square. The ever-buzzing Vörösmarty Square and the ornate St Stephen’s Basilica are some of the landmark attractions in Downtown.

Lined with lovely trees, the upmarket destination of Terézváros is another popular stay destination in Budapest. Boasting a right mix of locals and tourists, Terézváros gives a glimpse into the true essence of Budapest.

If you are a youngster looking for a lively, nightlife destination to stay at then pick Erzsébetváros without a doubt. Vibrant with a plethora of bars and pubs, the vibe in Erzsébetváros is contagious and makes even the dullest of persons to dance in happiness.

For a piece of history even while you are staying in Budapest, book for an accommodation in Józsefváros. While you are staying in Józsefváros, do make sure to check the monuments of National Museum and Kerepesi Cemetery.  

All the hotels in Budapest charge an 18% VAT on your booking.

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