Hotels in Cartagena, Colombia

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Where to Stay in Cartagena, Colombia?


Cartagena is one of the “must visit” places when you are traveling to Columbia. Old Town and San Diego are the most happening section of Cartagena. This is the heart of the city which is filled with the historic and architectural gems as well as museums, huge churches, plazas and roving fruit vendors in their traditional costume. The list of upscale shops, restaurants, and hotels is endless. This area is quite expensive than other areas for obvious reasons.

Boca Grande is cheaper and is more relaxing. It has a lot of stays by the beaches, completely away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Gethsemane is another option for the ones who would like to stay near the old city but for a cheaper price while the Calle de la Media Luna, while El Centro and San Diego host the old city’s top-end hotels.

Choose the best location to get the maximum from the city. Too far from the center will make you spend a bomb on the traveling so keep it near to the center for your maximum convenience.

  • Budget Hotels to stay in Cartagena: Gethsemane is the best place to find budget hotels, they have rooms that are clean and well maintained.  Usually, most of them have the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Affordable Hotels to stay in Cartagena: Several affordable accommodations are available, the range starting from 13$. B&Bs and homestays with amenities that are good enough are available but make sure to book them beforehand if you are visiting during the peak time, December and January.
  • Luxury Hotels to stay in Cartagena: The old town and San Diego have ample options for a luxury stay with a wide range of amenities coming along with the room. Expensive but located at the heart of the walled city.
  • Air B&B: There are B&Bs starting from 30$ ranging up to 1500$ for a pleasing stay under the umbrella of your budget.


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