Hotels in Dresden, Germany

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Where to Stay in Dresden, Germany?


There is variety of accommodation to choose from in Dreden suitable for every traveler.

  • Lollis Homestay: The hostel is homely and offers comfortable nice rooms, a well-equipped kitchen and free old bike rentals. The bikes make it extremely easy to get o the city centre and come highly recommended.
  • NH Dresden: This is a modern yet comfortable hotel- favorite destination for business travelers.. it is situated just a short distance from the city centre and the airport. The 269 rooms have been recently renovated and are quite nice.
  • KempinskiTaschenbergPalai: This hotel is one of the best in Dresden. If you want the finest and most expensive address in Dresden, this is it. The hotel is equipped with all modern amenities and is excellent, from the luxurious rooms to the efficient service and the restaurant.


There are many eateries, night clubs and places to be in Dresden worth checking out.

  • Café Toscana: This is a greatly located café right by the BlausWunder Bridge. The cafe includes a pastry shop and a restaurant. The cakes here are mouthwatering and the interior décor is modern. The beautiful terrace overlooks the river and the bridge. Do not miss it.
  • Schützenhaus: This little and cozy farmhouse restaurant lies right behind Herzogin Garten and the opera house. It may be a bit difficult to find. It has a large Biergarden which is a great relaxing spot. It offers good food at reasonable prices and has a pleasant aura. Vegetarian dishes are also offered.
  • BrühlscheTerrasse: This terrace is adjacent to the Elbe River and is home to many restaurants. When you visit it in summer you will have a great time here. The terrace offers the most spectacular views and drinks in one of the many restaurants around it.
  • Aha: The restaurant offers hearty and tastyvegetarian dishes and vegan food. It is famous for its family-friendlyand comfortable environment. Patrons are also treated to a wide variety of free trade teas and coffees at very cheap prices.

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