Hotels in Frankfurt, Germany

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Where to Stay in Frankfurt, Germany?

Frankfurt is known for being the financial capital of Germany and the flight layover capital of Europe. With the huge number of people coming into the city every year and a myriad of different kinds of hotels to choose from, it pays to know where to stay in Frankfurt well in advance.

As with any metropolitan city in Europe, Frankfurt has several luxury hotels that in the 4 and 5 star category that can cost between 150 and 500 Euros a night. These hotels provide all the amenities one can ask for but with such a high price, this isn’t the option for everyone. Mid-range and budget hotels cost around 50 to 100 Euros a night and are generally quite comfortable and clean. These make for the best places to stay in Frankfurt if one wishes to cut down on lodging expenditure.

It should be noted that hotels in Frankfurt see huge fluctuations in tariffs and should be booked well in advance. Frankfurt hotels are also generally a lot safer than staying in a hostel however; one may also look at homestay options which are available in plenty throughout the city.

Places to stay in Frankfurt are available all over the city and with the great public transport system; this is not a concern; however it is worth considering staying in a different city somewhere around Frankfurt and travelling in as this can cut down the lodging prices by a very significant amount.

Like in Most European cities you will find a lot of options for accommodation in Frankfurt. There are good business hotels since Frankfurt has become a travel hub but on the other hand there are also inexpensive youth hostels for students. Here are some hotel suggestions of moderate cost.

  • The Pure: This trendy hotel is good for your purse but it is still quite well-equipped. Located on Niddastrasse, it is a good choice for families and couples. They also have free wi fi which is a great plus.
  • Hotel Palmenhof: This ancient looking hotel is moderately priced and has great amenities. It is also very rustic looking which makes you feel like you are living in a palace.
  • Hotel Central: It is convenient to access and very cheap so you can freely splurge on other things while on your trip to Frankfurt.
  • Hotel Am Burg: Located in Sachenhausen, this beautiful and dainty little hotel is a great place to say. This very well-known book fair is definitely worth a visit for book worms and literature lovers.
  • Frankfurt Museum Night: Haven’t you always dreamed of leisurely viewing the exhibits in museums at night with few tourists and a lot of time? In Frankfurt you actually can. This is usually done in May when all the museums are open after hours.
  • River Main Festival: The River Main festival sees an amazing display of fireworks. They also have great roasted meat and other delicacies during this festival.
  • Christmas Market: The Christmas market is a longstanding tradition in the country. Frankfurt has an awesome flea market in November and December that is sure to be fascinating for the tourists.

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