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Where to Stay in Gjirokaster, Albania?

Whether you are visiting Gjirokastra for work, business or pleasure that are a lot of good hotels to choose from. If you are tight on budget then you will find budget hotels too. Here are the best options:

Kotono Bed and Breakfast: It is one of the very oldest guest houses in the city. It started business some time in 1992. It has traditional and comfortable rooms and a very classy restaurant. It is situated very close to the main Bazar of the city.

Hashorva Guest House: It is run by the Hashorva Family. It has big and spacious rooms. It also has a big Ottoman Style room with a king sized bed with traditional Ottoman interior designing. This guest house is about 200 years old and it’s beautifully preserved by the owners.

Hotel Relax: It is a small hotel and has just 9 rooms with double beds and one 1 suite. It is owned by an extremely sweet local family who are very hospitable in their nature. It is situated amidst the beautiful hilly region of the city and have great scenic views from all its rooms.

what to eat:-

You will find a lot of scope to eat and drink and try out some new food or beverage while you are in this town. It might be a small town but it still has a lot of restaurants and bars. Some of these places are as follows:

Fantasia: It is one of the most popular restaurants in the city and generally serves salad and pizza. It also has a few Albanian food items on its menu. The prices are reasonable and it has a great view of the surrounding scenic beauty of the country.

Kujtim’s: It specifically specializes in all sorts of local Gjirokastra recipes. It is famous for its Qifqi which is a local dish and made by baking rice, eggs and other seasonings. If you come to Gjirokastra then you must try out this local specialty.

Mucos Suflac and Restaurant: This restaurant is good for breakfasts. The omelets here are mouthwateringly delicious and quite inexpensive too. You have to come to this place at least once to try out the omelets. It is located in old part of the town.

Modus Café: If you are a serious coffee addict and want to taste some good coffee in the town, then this is the place for you. It is located in the new part of the town and serves many varieties of extremely delicious hot as well as cold coffee.

Viva Vino Wine Bar: If you are really into wine drinking then this place is perfect for you. It serves many varieties of wines. This is a one of a kind bar in this city and is quite common among both travelers and local folks.

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