Hotels in Hangzhou, China

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Where to Stay in Hangzhou, China?


Hangzhou has blend of accommodations right from super cheap hostels to luxury hotels.

  • Budget: For budget hotels in Hangzhou, there are plenty of hostels available. There are hostels like Westlake youth hostel, Hangzhou Touran hostel, Mingtown Hangzhou international hostel.
  • Mid-range: Lily hotel, Renhe hotel are some of the top picks of mid-range hotels in Hangzhou.
  • Luxury: Dragon hotel, Tea Boutique hotel, Ladison Plaza hotel, Crystal Orange hotel, Liuying hotel are recommendations for luxury hotels in Hangzhou. 


Hangzhou has a great culinary culture and a distinct cuisine consisting of pork and Seafood. Some Specialties include Dongpo rou- a fatty chunky of pork in syrupy sauce and Cuyu- a fish in Vinegar sauce. Dumpling is a popular local fast food and practically available everywhere from food stall to high-end restaurant. You can relish local cuisines of Sichuan, Shanxi, and Xinjiang province as well. There are restaurants serving Indian, South-East Asian, Western and Japanese Food. There are international fast food chains like KFC, Mcdonald’s and Pizza hut.

For Budget eateries, Hangzhou has great street food. The Zhongshan nanlu Street is popular for its great street food and nightlife.

  • Green tea restaurant: One of the best restaurants in Hangzhou, this casual diner is famous for Dongpo Chicken, Pea-soup and eggplant clay pot. There are seven branches of this restaurant in Hangzhou and is a very popular name among the locals and tourists alike.
  • Grandma’s kitchen: Another popular chain restaurant in Hangzhou, this restaurant serves classic favourite dishes like Hongshao Dongpo Rou and has around twenty branches all over Hangzhou.
  • Chuan Wei Guan: Best known for its hotpots, this restaurant has five branches around the city.

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