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Where to Stay in Havana, Cuba?


  • Ramiros House: Inexpensive, traditional and quintessentially Cuban, this place is a great hotel to stay in. well, it isn't exactly a hotel but a very authentic Cuban guest house that is a worthwhile experience.
  • Park View Hotel: This hotel is conveniently located and not too expensive. Perfect for the traveler who wants to economize on the accommodation and splurge elsewhere.
  • Hotel Telegrafo: It is slightly more expensive but still quite affordable and hence a stylish and inexpensive place to stay in for the luxury loving but conscious traveler.


Peso stalls are a cultural staple of Havana. You will find them are all over the city. Do check out the ones on Prado Marti. You will great wholesome food at cheap prices. It doesn't make any sense to eat at 5 stars since they are expensive and the local fare is much tastier. Here is a rough guide to some of the sit down restaurants.

  • El Aljibe: Is a nice restaurant for a lovely sit down meal. They have a great selection of wine to pair with your food.
  • La Casa: This restaurant in Vedado is a great place to be in. The staff is known to be very friendly and the food is even better. Do try out the snapper as well as the lobster.
  • La Fontana Restaurant: If you are a fan of grilled wholesome meats, this restaurant is perfect. They have Cuban cuisine, such as grilled octopus with pesto or sea snails. Don't forget to pair it off with a bit of rum.

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