Hotels in Jaisalmer, India

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Where to Stay in Jaisalmer, India?


  • Hotel Imperial: If you are looking for an inexpensive place to stay in because you want to splurge elsewhere this inexpensive hotel is just right for you. The rooms are basic and you will find Air conditioning too. For the price it is not bad at all.
  • Jaisal Palace: Hotel Jaisal palace has all the amenities like wi-fi, pickups and what not and none of the extravagant prices. It is a great place for budget travelers who want to have all the amenities and still save.
  • Hotel Jaisalgargh: It is a lot more expensive than the other two but it offers a lot more amenities for the luxury tourist. This makes the place the perfect hotel to choose since the price is still not extravagant.


Although the fare in Rajasthan is largely vegetarian you will also be able to find some delicious and spicy chicken and mutton dishes which are an absolute treat. You can safely eat at the restaurants and most are unlikely to be unclean in anyway but it is better to be careful with the water and choose the bottled alternative. The two major restaurants in the city center are:

  • Trio: This restaurant has the loveliest set up. It looks like a giant tent and is perfect for the sultry weather that summer afternoons bring. Delicious food from the state can be had here and you will find plenty of non-vegetarian options.
  • Chokhi Dhani: You will get a variety of dishes here but traditional Rajasthani dressed must be tasted here. It is usually authentic and tasty fare so make sure to visit this one.

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