Hotels in Kaposvar, Hungary

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Where to Stay in Kaposvar, Hungary?


Kaposvar accommodation is budget-friendly but a number of elite hotels are present on the outskirts of the city.

Budget Hotel

  • Hotel Kapos: The hotel on Ady Endre utca 2 is considered a favourite among economic travellers. Known for their well-maintained travellers abode, the hotel is only a 2 minute walk from the Kossuth Circle. The hotel offers a variety of lip-smacking Hungarian food.
  • Sport Panzio: Located at Puskin utca 24, the hotel offers satellite TV with private Bathroom. The Hotel is preferred by travellers who wish to stay on a tight budget. The hotel offers free parking.

Mid-range Hotel

  • Borostyan Vendeghaz: The hotel is located only 10 minutes away from a Thermal bath and is one of the favourites for leisure tourists. Free parking and wi-fi are available. The rooms are air-conditioned and have a safety box and minibar. Buffet breakfast is provided for guests.
  • Palma Panzio: Located at Szechenyi Ter 6, the Palmo Panzio offers bicycles for their guests to explore the city. They offer free wi-fi access and often offer discounted tickets to their guests for virag bath.

Luxury Hotel

  • Vicola Vendeghaz: The hotel is located on Ady Endre Utca 15 and is mainly a mini apartment with free wi-fi, a microwave and a private bathroom. The hotel has an in-house restaurant to cater to their guests and is located about 800m from Kaposvar Train Station.
  • Hotel Dorottya: Located 100m from the pedestrian zone, the hotel offers good accommodation with air-conditioning, lobby bar, flat-screen tv and free parking. The town centre is just a 2 minute walk away.


Kaposvar eatouts offer a wide variety of delectable Hungarian food through out the city. Some of the most popular places include:

  • Corner Pub and Restaurant: It is one of the most popular places in Kaposvar with a wide variety of drinks to choose from while enjoying authentic Hungarian food like Paprika Csirk and variety of Gulyas. The place is famous for its heavenly desserts like Tortes and Strudels.
  • Kapos Cafe: Located at Hotel Kapos, the café serves soul-comforting, authentic Hungarian food like Langos (fried bread), Palacsinta (crepes) and varieties of Gulyas and is every foodie’s haven.
  • Turul: Turul is one of the most budget-friendly restaurants in Kaposvar which offers a delectable food variety including fusion and Hungarian food. Turul is also known for its vast scotch variety.
  • T-Bone: T bone is every stake-lover’s paradise. The place has an inexpensive wine menu and is known for its signature Goulash.

Kaposvar restaurants are known for their hospitality, good food and an excellent liquor menu.


Kaposvar night life is vibrant and eccentric even though the clubs are few in number. Some of the major night-hubs include:

  • The Pogo Centre: The Pogo centre is known for good music and cheapest beer in Kaposvar. The music starts post 5.00 pm, but you can easily relax at the centre over good food and a few drinks till the music is played. One of the most popular night-spots, the pogo centre offer platforms for live concerts and in-house DJs. It is the perfect spot to relax on weekends. The centre is known as a music-hub on weekends but also plays music on weekdays in summer.
  • Bombardier’s Pub and Restaurant: The Bombardier’s Pub and Restaurant is known for having the best variety of liquor in kaposvar. Visit the place with your friends on weekends as they have some of the best weekend parties. Located in 7400 in Kaposvar, Army u. 8th, the pub has its own in-house brewery. Contact details: 06-82-423721. Timings: Monday- Friday- 11.00 am to 12.00 pm, Saturday- 12.00 am to 4.00 pm and Sunday- 12.00 am to 22.00 pm.
  • Arizona Disco: Located at the heart of Kaposvar (Fo utca 14), the disco promises to give you a good time with its party-music. A must visit for every dance-lover, the disco is iconic to Kaposvar’s night life. Contact details: +36 82 411 443.

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