Hotels in Kolkata, India

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Where to Stay in Kolkata, India?


It has been always said by travellers across the world that the best way you can experience a city is through a local’s eyes. Unfortunately, not all of us can find people that will host us. Kolkata has a lot of options for such people! The city also has a good transport system, so getting from one point to any other point on cheap is not really an issue.

Luxury Hotels: 

Kolkata has an array of luxurious hotels with high class service and upscale restaurants. For an unforgettable time in the city, one must experience one of the finest lodging options in the five stars. Here are a few places you can check for a wonderful time: Park Street, Rajarhat and Nehru Road are some of the best places to find a luxurious hotel in Kolkata.


Kolkata sees way too many family travellers, mid-range hotels are a popular choice and are available in plenty. Esplanade area has decent rooms at mid-range budget and the area is also bustling with activities. Serving as a great base for various things to do in Kolkata, this is the most preferred choice of travellers.

Best Value:

If you have a backpacker’s budget, you will find places in Kolkata that will take care of you. Head out to Sudder Street or Howrah station. The area around these places has a lot of hotels that people with a tight budget can afford. Plus, there is an added benefit. Since these places were lavish in colonial era, each one of them have a history and you will experience the past of this glorious city through them! Howrah station and Sudder Street are well connected by local transport.

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