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Where to Stay in Kotor, Montenegro?


Hotel Amfora Kotor: Although Kotor does not have any beaches, this hotel boasts a private one. 4-star accommodation and a seafood restaurant tantalize. Located in Orahovac. +382-032-305-857

Hotel Vardar: This is an expensive option, but with its Yugoslav architecture and recent renovation, it is one of the best 4-stars in town. Located at Old City entrance.


Suranj Hostel: Right near the bus station, this hostel makes unloading a pack convenient. Each room boasts a private TV, shower and kitchen.

Where to eat:-


Bastion Restaurant: This lunchtime restaurant has received positive reviews from customers, and justly so, what with its fresh fish dishes at affordable prices.

Cesarica: This establishment specializes in treats from the Dalmatian Islands. Prices are just.

Forza: After a good filling meal, there’s always space for dessert. Stop in at Forza for pastry options.

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