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Where to Stay in Kunming, China?


Language is a problem in most of the budget hotels in Kunming, so make a note in your itinerary Planners to have a good translator while you’re inquiring at the hotels.

Budget Hotel

  • Home Inn (Kunming Qingnian Road): Affordable hotel located at the centre of the city.
  • Fairyland Hotel Kunming Gulou: Well-placed hotel next to the markets and food stalls.
  • 7 Days Inn (Kunming Qingnian Road): Large comfortable rooms and friendly staff.

Mid-Budget Hotel

  • New Era Hotel Kunming: Charming hotel with clean rooms and polite staff.
  • Spring City Inn (Jixie): Good quality rooms with delicious breakfast.
  • Longteng Grand Hotel: Well-located hotel with huge rooms. Free Wi-Fi.

Luxury Hotel

  • Kunming Jinjiang Hotel: Spacious modern room, good buffet breakfast and polite staff.
  • Green Lake Hotel: A lakeside vintage style hotel with pretty rooms and attentive staff.
  • Intercontinental Kunming: A resort hotel with cosy rooms and pleasant decor.


The local cuisine of Kunming is influenced by the culinary patterns of Yunnan region. It involves a lot of fruits and vegetables in the cooking. The street stalls are the most local way to enjoy food here. Some of the delicacies you must try are Over-the-bridge rice noodles, Steam pot Chicken, Xuanwei Ham, Yiliang Roasted Duck, Er Kuai and Fried Goat’s cheese.

  • Lanzhou Fengwei Niuroumian: A famous Muslim Halal Restaurant.
  • Yuanxi Lu: A street with a lot of small restaurants and food stalls.
  • Ah Bo's Burmese Cuisine: Restaurant offering traditional Burmese food.
  • Salvadors: Sumptuous western food, imported beer and outstanding ice cream.
  • French Cafe: The best French restaurant in town with a wide range of dishes on the menu.
  • Guozilou: Authentic Yunnan cuisine, excellent meals.
  • Heavenly Manna: A modern Chinese restaurant in Yunnan Style serving delicious food.

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