Hotels in Lexington, Kentucky

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Where to Stay in Lexington, Kentucky?

There are plenty of option to stay in Lexington, more towards the Downtown and Rupp Arena while the cheaper ones are near Hays Boulevard or Canebrake Dr. which is probably a 15 minutes’ drive from the Horse Park and University.

  • Luxury Hotels in Lexington: Shooting up to a price of 350$ to 400$ the top-scale hotels with all the fancy luxuries like pool, spa, Wi-Fi and larger than life rooms. The service is of top class, probably the fanciest accommodations. All the hotels are based in or near the Downtown making it easy for you to access any place.
  • Budget hotels in Lexington: Most of the budget hotels in Lexington is are located 15 minutes away from The Horse Park. The hotel price range is from 100$ to 180$. These hotels are affordable and has all the basic amenities like Wi-Fi, clean room and proper services and also free breakfast is available.
  • Cheap hotels in Lexington: 20 to 30 minutes away from the city centre of Lexington are the cheapest hotels situated. The price range is from 60$ to 115$ for these hotels, away from hustle of the Downtown. The facilities are quite proper and clean. There are no such problems in the room but they are basic, nothing fancy.
  • Air B&B in Lexington: Air B&Bs could be your option if you want a decent place to stay in a cheaper price. The rents of the houses start from 30$, affordable and located all over the city with about same price range.

Hotels Near Attractions in Lexington