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Where to Stay in Macau, Macao?

Travellers will quickly appreciate that Macau is nothing like Europe; people coming are expected to have deep pockets. There are no cheap hostels and hotel rates shoot up high during the weekends. The lowest accommodations in the city cost about $200 a night. Those not finicky about using the ferry, and looking for a cheap night are advised to book a room in Hong Kong and scuttle over by boat in the morning.

Considered one of the finest destinations in the world for casinos, fine dining and the living the big life, Macau is a destination few people would ever turn down. The city is considered the Las Vegas of the Asia and as such sees humungous hordes of people coming in every year, which is why it pays to know where to stay in Macau.

Right off the bat it should be noted that the Macau hotels are not backpacker friendly. With luxury hotel options all over the city for the well to do being in the $400 range to start, it is fair to say the best place to stay in for the traveller on a budget is actually outside the city. The option then is to travel in for a day and not have to spend as much money.

Budget options can be slightly cheaper but a near 1 star accommodation will still run you closer to $200 and homestay and hostel options have been banned by the government, aside from the Youth Hostel Adm., which fills up fast. Other Macau accommodations are very hard to find and are often run illegally.

That being said, hotels in Hong Kong are significantly cheaper and travelling into the city for a day can often be far more affordable and still leaves money to be spent at a casino. It should be noted that Fridays and Saturdays see a hike in hotel prices as well as are highly unadvisable if you are on a budget.


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