Hotels in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Where to Stay in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina?



  • Hostel Nina: A popular abode among the backpackers, the hostel has a large garden area and is just miles away from the historic centre. Run by a local couple, it offers personal tours around the area. The rooms, although basic provides a cozy and comfortable stay within a limited budget.
  • Pansion Cardak: It is a recently renovated guest house with well-furnished rooms and a large patio in the front for visitors to relax. The hotel has only five rooms, making it perfect for guests who prefer reserved and quiet surroundings.
  • Motel Deny: The hotel has an informal touch to it and is a 4-minute walk from Stari Most. The hotel is well equipped with all the amenities including wi-fi and whirlpool tub.


  • Hotel Hercegovina: It is a chic boutique hotel situated in the old town of Mostar. The rooms are modern and available in various sizes. Its restaurant is known for serving delicious traditional food for the visitors.
  • Hotel Eden: It has rooms available in varied sizes that appeals to varied crowds. Well furnished with modern amenities makes this place worthwhile to stay in during your memorable trip to Mostar. The hotel also has its own fitness centre and spa room.
  • City Hotel: A very convenient place to stay during your Mostar trip. The hotel offers a chic and stylish set up with a comfortable ambience. Other facilities such as free wi-fi, parking and dining is also available for the visitors.


  • Villa Anri: It is a traditional history themed boutique hotel with beautiful features such as stone archways and historical furnishings. The hotel has a pretty courtyard and the balcony that offers a panoramic view of the surroundings including the magnificent ‘Old Bridge’. For travelers looking for a pleasant time can enjoy its perks such as free internet, parking and breakfast.
  • Pellegrino Hotel: It is a hotel for the recluse.Little away from the bustling crowd, the hotel becomes a quiet companion after a long day of tripping. The rooms are stylishly decorated and have all the amenities including minibar and wi-fi. It also has some studio suites that include a kitchenette.


  • National Restaurant Cevabdzinica Tima-Irma: The restaurant provides an array of delicious, delectable that you would find hard to resist. From elegant fresh delicacies to vibrant traditional, this place serves it all.
  • Sadrvan: For tourists who wish to have a taste of true Bosnian food can visit the restaurant for a bite. The place has a fine ambience that makes the dining experience memorable for the visitors.
  • Hindin Han: The restaurant has an amazing view of the river which just makes the dining experience even more fun. The place is specifically known for its meats and kebabs.
  • Konoba Taurus: The place is perfect for lavish diners who likes to have a magnificent fill every now and then. It has a lovely fireplace as well.

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