Hotels in Panama City Beach, Florida

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Where to Stay in Panama City Beach, Florida?



  • Beach Break by the Sea: This is a small hotel that emphasizes on family comfort more than their luxury.
  • Edgewater Beach resort: This is one of the city’s best lodges with good facilities and range of rooms to suit your choice as well as budget. You will have the opportunity to use spas, restaurants, pools, gyms and much more in here.
  • Holiday INN: This is popular with spring visitors. They have a range of facilities and a variety of rooms.

Mid- range:

  • Legacy by The Sea: This hotel is mostly popular because of its central location and its closeness to all the main parts and attractions of the city.
  • Main Stay Suites: It is not only very easy to reach all the main parts of the beach city from here but it also provides a host of many other amenities to its customers.


  • Marriott Bay Point: This is one of the city’s most premium hotels with restaurants and even golf courses for the visitors. It is also centrally located and consists of hi class facilities and comfortable deluxe rooms.
  • Sugar Sands Inn and Suites: This is probably the unique one and the best of all. The hotel has facilities for water sports such as swimming, scuba diving, surfing, etc. it also has a private beach access and the facilities and amenities are remarkably good.
  • Osprey on the Gulf Motel: This is a private property of a family and so service is much better and personalized. Each room has a separate balcony and a kitchen here.


The best restaurants on Panama City Beach are:

  • Angelo’s Steak pitt
  • Applebee’s Bar & Grill
  • Boar’s Head Restaurant
  • Boat yard
  • Bonefish Grill
  • Euphoria Tavern
  • Patches Pub
  • Splash Bar
  • World Famous Tiki Bar
  • Fog horn’s Liquors

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