Hotels in Pompeii, Italy

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Where to Stay in Pompeii, Italy?


You can’t sleep at the site itself, but the surrounding town of Pompei has a few good hotels such as:

  • Hotel Maiuri: Located at the town centre, Free parking 
  • Hotel Forum: excellent breakfast
  • B&B Pompeii The Faun: closely located to the ruins, great service

Even so, the best way to visit is still to just take a day trip to the site out of Naples. The town of Pompei itself has nothing to offer other than a pretty church. Pompeii holidays are at best a day long affair.


  • There is a cafe and restaurant within the site. While air-conditioned, it’s not the best food ever. Get your appetite satiated in Pompei, or better yet, pack a Pizza from Naples.
  • There are many eateries and stalls selling panini- which is great to go
  • Stores sell snacks and go for the freshly pressed juice to beat the heat

Hotels Near Attractions in Pompeii