Hotels in Pretoria, South Africa

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Where to Stay in Pretoria, South Africa?


  • Stay out of CBD at night if you can – its blatantly unsafe. Do not check into any accommodation there if you can help it. Instead, have a look at the many bed and breakfasts and guesthouses around suburbia.
  • Being the capital, the place offers quite a good range of accommodation across different price ranges. Backpacker options usually start from as low as R100 (1322 Backpackers, Pretoria Backpackers, Kia-Ora Lodge). Mid range is from R300 – R 1400 and the posh hotels are usually R1000 upwards.


Pretoria has a disproportionately large number of fine eateries considering its population. Considering its awesome mixed heritage though, its only natural that tourists expect a proportionate amount of variety in their cuisine. Check out the following fine dining spots:

  • La Pentola: An Afro–Parisian bistro…that’s about as cool as things get.
  • Pachas: The king of family oriented steakhouses.
  • Greek Easy Ouzaria: A favourite with the Pretorian student population for it’s grilled lamb, dolmades, beef and pork.
  • Cafe Riche: An art Noveau cafe for the deeply pocketed. Serves local favorites.
  • Pride of India: Ties nicely into the Indian heritage of Pretoria.

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