Hotels in Punakha, Bhutan

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Where to Stay in Punakha, Bhutan?


Uma by Como is the #1 ranked luxury hotel located overlooking the incredible valley where the lush green mountains paint a picture of what bliss looks like. The dining has a menu of authentic local delicacies that are made from farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a splurge hotel and make sure you are ready to spend.

Dochula Resort Restaurant is also a good option for staying in Punakha. The rooms and the menu are basic but the view is a win-win.

Hotel Shivling is a budget friendly option for staying. With all the basic facilities available, it is located at Khuruthang, just 5 kilometers away from Dzong.

You can also try out the various home stay options in Punakha. The localities are warm and sincere people and you will have a pleasant stay even exploring this option.

Who needs a place to stay when you are ready with a camping gear! In summer, Punakha is an amazing camping ground and you will love the experience of sleeping directly under the sky roof.


There aren’t so many cafes or variety restaurants that could serve you but you should try out the Bhutanese specialty Ema Datshi. It is also the national dish of Bhutan and is a staple part of every meal. It is a spicy mix of chilly and local cheese made from regular or yak milk.

Punakha is the home to rice paddies and a bowl of steamed rice is a stupendous experience in itself. The red rice is a local specialty which is healthy and nutritious.  

 Lobesa Village Restaurant is a good place to catch up with the Bhutanese style buffet at fair rates.

Phuenzi Diner located in Khuruthang new town is a good place to dine and the pancakes served here are yummy.

Bhutan specializes in meat and chicken cooked with spices and chilies. Dishes like Phaksha Paa, Goep (tripe) and Jasha Maru can be tried out when in Punakha. The south-east Asian classic Momo’s are also served here in plenty.

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