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Where to Stay in Salzburg, Austria?

One of the most breathtaking holiday destinations in the world, Salzburg is an Austrian city that borders Germany. The city sees huge hordes of tourists coming in every year to experience the art, music and culture that this city has to offer and the places to stay in Salzburg are ready to meet every budget.

Hotels in Getreidegasse and Monchserg Park areas of Salzburg tend to be the best experience for most travellers. Luxury hotels in and around this area can come in at around $200 a night to start and feature every amenity imaginable. For a budget hotel option, although hotels in this area are still expensive they tend to be less bang for the buck so it is advisable instead to look for a homestay option, which would be around $40-$80.

For the best places to stay in Salzburg on a budget, one should look at the southern section of the city as prices here can be substantially cheaper than the more centrally located hotels. For travellers on a very tight budget or backpackers who wish to spend more on other experiences, Salzburg accommodations such as hostels and camping grounds may be far better options. The camping grounds at Nord-Sam feature a ton of camping amenities for a very reasonable price; however it is about 20 minutes outside of the city.

It should be noted that Salzburg is an expensive city to travel in and therefore when choosing where to stay in the city it is best to decide beforehand what one wishes to do and see.

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